01 July 2008

Now Taking Beer School Suggestions

Although we've been a bit slow on the Beer School posts of late, we haven't given up on the idea. A recent online conversation led to a suggestion of sort of Craft Beer 201 article:
Wanted: a "not quite newbs" guide to beers to try, and what they're good examples of. "camelly", "hoppy", "bitter", "amber coloured"
I'll admit that a lot of times we throw words out there as descriptions that may not even make sense to ourselves - I'm probably more guilty of this than anyone - so perhaps it makes sense to take a step backwards and explain things a little more.

I really liked this idea, enough so that I'm going to devote a post similar to our "Five Great Gateway Beers: The Hoosier Beer Geek Alternative" to it. But before I jump headfirst into buying (and, of course, drinking) the beer sources for that post, I'd like to make sure that I'm covering as many bases as possible.

That's why I'm asking our readers for any questions you may have - difficult questions, easy questions - remember, there are no stupid questions! Just bad teachers. Do you have confusion about "mouthfeel"? Do you have a hard time understanding "malty"? Don't get "footy"? Wondering what "nosefeel" is? Want to know which hop varieties are best for your complexion?

Leave a comment. Or if you're shy, drop us an email. And thanks for helping out.


  1. I'll bite: what's "footy"? I assume nosefeel is like mouthfeel, but for those with poor hand-eye coordination.

    What about water. People say things like "brewed with hard water." How can you tell?

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, anonymous - definitely good questions that I'll add into the mix for the future post.

  3. How did I know that the pony poster would be the second one in the rotation? Kelly must be very happy right now.

  4. I'm happy because that poster is made entirely of AWESOME.

  5. anonymous -

    "footy" beers are simply ones that either have a smell or taste that is reminiscent of feet. Gross, right?

    We are most likely to find it in either Belgian or Wheat beers, probably due to the ingredients.

  6. Ah yes, now we have the guest list poster. I'll tell you one thing that's for sure--I'm buying Moses a few pints of He'Brew.

  7. there's a certified music supergroup possibly attending, really: shaq, amy grant, justin timberlake, dweezil zappa, glen danzig, bob dylan, alf....

    alf is a drummer, in case you're wondering.