02 December 2010

KOTBR #116 - Hop Kizzle, fo shizzle

Black Swan Brewpub
2067 E. Hadley Road
Plainfield, IN  46168
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This recently opened pub in Plainfield brings Westside residents a fine selection of local craft beer.  Their website boasts "16 taps and no crap", a sentiment we can wholly support.  DJ and crew are currently prepping their space so they can start brewing early 2011, but for now their taps house 15 local beers and 1 delicious cider from Minneapolis.  They also have a wide selection of meads from Indiana's own New Day Meadery.  Not only is the selection varied, but they offer half pours, allowing patrons to explore a variety of local beer.

To wash down that fine selection of beer is an equally fine food menu.  Chef Nick Carter has some exciting things on the menu like Pan Fried Chicken, Brewpub stuffed peppers, and frites with a variety of tosses and dips (Bacon Aioli!).

Saturday, December 4th will be Black Swan's official Grand Opening celebration.  They will be tapping Three Floyds Alpha Klaus and Poppaskull around 5pm.

By the way, did I mention we put the hip in HopKilla?

People's Hopkilla (Beastie Boys - She's Crafty)

Well we heard about a beer - it's dark, but not brown
The knights said they have seen it in town
I thought they were right but "Where?", I wanna know
The Black Swan was where we needed to go
The beer from People's, we were quick to choose
The waiter said "you want food with your booze?"
The next think he said, "Half or Full pour?"
I couldn't wait to give it a score
Pine and citrus nose with a light colored head
A couple of these and it would be time for bed
Looking at the glass it looked to have nice lace
But the best part about it, of course was the taste
I should've have another, man I'll always regret it
If they make more, I'll be first in line to get it
This beer was awesome - crazy yum
It's just too bad this beer is done.

Hopkilla - it does astound
Hopkilla - it was in town
Hopkilla - I've got no gripe
Hopkilla - and it's just my type

I used to spend my dollars on cigarettes
I got pleasure from the feeling I would get
Now I had forgotten why I thought it was worthwhile
But the beer reminded me, and it made me smile
What would make it do that, I'm afraid I don't know
I would ask for another but I should say, "No!"
I'll ask the next time we are at the brewery
Last time we talked other stuff that was newsworthy
I said, "I've got a score that is good tonight."
And Mike calculated the rest from the Knights
A rather high score for you to behold
4.38 mugs from what I'm told
The beer is tasty - I can see why it moves
Obviously, I'm not the only one who approves
I'm glad it was on when we were there that night
It was delicious, filled me with delight
Each drink of beer cannot come too soon
I wish they could make this into a perfume
You may see this beer in a bar not a store
This Double IPA is one you'll want to ask for
We were lucky to find it on the draft board
This Imperial brew left me feeling floored
Sorry this review was late, that it was postponed
The beer was good, turned our brains to foam.

4.85 Mugs

(Cop Killa by Ice-T)
By J-Sun with some help by Ice-T

I got my brain on crass.
Tonight'll be my night.
I got this tall-assed glass.
And your head looks just right.
The first taste is sweet fruity,
Which is followed by piney,
The last taste is bitter bitey,
With a dry mouthfeel all nighty!

Drinkin’ Hopkilla, better me than you.
Hopkilla, time to give People’s their due!
Hopkilla, you know that Black Swan is servin’,
(join 'em!)
Hopkilla, tonight we all be drinkin’, ha ha.

4.5 Mugs

I don't care much for hip-hop, so I will give my Hopkilla writeup in the musical styling of what I have to hear most these days, and that is Dora the Explorer, and her friend.....the map.

I'm Hopkilla, I'm hopkilla, I'm hopkilla, I'm hopkilla, I'M HOPKILLA!!!!

What a great beer from People's brewing in Lafayette. This was about as easy drinking an smooth a beer as I could have asked for. I didn't know much about the beer, but when I was told it was a double IPA my first thought was "bullshit Walter." I don't care what style they call it it is a damn good beer.

4.5 Mugs

before Four Loko

(From Tone Loc - Funky Cold Medina)

Cold coolin at a bar, and I’m looking for some action
But like Mike Jagger said, stouts won’t give you satisfaction
The girls are all around, but none of them drinkin’ Mickey’s
Malt liquor’s fresh and I’m buyin’ peche, yo, what’s up with H-o-p?
The girls is all drinkin’ at the other end of the bar
Havin’ drinks with some no-name chump, when they know that I’m the star
So I got up and strolled over with my Bourbon County Vanilla
I asked the guy, “Why you so fly?” He said, Peoples’ Hop Killa

Peoples’ Hop Killa

This brother told me a secret on how to get more chicks
Put a Hop Killa in your glass, and the girls’ll come real quick
It’s better than any imperial stout aged in Jack
A couple sips of this hop potion, and she’ll be on the hop track
So I gave some to my friends when they came for dinner
Between the caramel balance and the grapefruit hops, they said they loved the bitter
They used to joke and tease me, about how I drank stouts like Godzilla
But how I’m hooked on the hops all thanks to the Peoples’ Hop Killa

You know what I’m sayin?
I’ve given up all other beers, I don’t need no more
I got Spuds McKenzie
Alex from Stroh’s
They just want a taste of that Hop Killa, pal

4.1 Mugs

after Four Loko

Mike: 4.44 Mugs | Jason: 4.5 Mugs | Jess: 3.89 Mugs | Rod: 4.1 Mugs | Gina: 4.85 Mugs | Matt: 4.5 Mugs

Overall: 4.38 Mugs

***Note: We hear that Hop Killa is on at the Tomlinson Tap Room***


  1. These song parodies are getting waaaay old, guys, what's wrong with just discussing beer?

  2. If it's straight reviews you desire, Beer Advocate can help you out:


  3. To be honest, Miss Blah Blah, I'd rather stab myself in the face than write straightforward beer reviews.

    "The Beer was hoppy. Citrus and/or Pine. It was gold. There was lacing. I give it an A+."

    We are not those people. Those people bore the hell out of me.

    Ps. You're going to love our next Roundtable.

  4. How are cheesy, formulaic parody reviews any different from formulaic "straight" reviews. It's not clever guys.

  5. I recant. Forgive my silly ignorances and hurtful words. I'm just bitter that you haven't reviewed my malt beverage of choice, Colt .45

  6. Hopkilla is indeed on at the Tom Tap. And had I sat in on this roundtable, I would have rated it as highly as you guys did. It's a really impressive DIPA. Makes me want more Peoples beers.

    How's that for a "normal" review, Lady Blah Blah? Hope you remembered to put your meat dress in the freezer.

  7. We love you too, Dave, and if you ever want to do some trading, let us know.