06 April 2009

KOTBR #69 - Flashed in a Red Barn by a Fourteen foot Yeti...If you know what I mean

A schedule change brought several KOTBR to Rod and Jess' place instead of an expected trip to the northside. We pulled together four beers, a mélange de quatre if you will, and decided to go with the ever-popular haiku style of review writing. The good-ole 5-7-5. Did you know that the haiku was originally referred to as a hokku (an opening verse of a poem) until a poet and literary critic coined the term for when the poem was by itself. What's that? Get on with it already? Huh, that's what she said.

Lost Abbey Red Barn Ale - 3.17 Mugs

hot, spicy, grassy
appearance is hazy straw
refreshing but dry

back at my farmhouse
my olive oil is yellow
tastes of peppered soap

Yeasty apple nose
Surprisingly refreshing
Golden light mouth feel

Champagne, cardamom
An unexpected saison
Fruit and spice are nice

Meaty and Hammy
Roasted beast olives brine
Golden floral time.

Mike 3.0 mugs | Chris 3.6 mugs | Jess 2.2 mugs | Rod 3.55 mugs | Gina 3.3 mugs | Matt e 3.4 mugs
KOTBR Score - 3.17 Mugs

Green Flash Trippel - 2.97 Mugs

where are my damn notes?
I don't know what happened here
memory like Mike

if you ever drink
stay away from paint thinner
rough on the stomach

A whiff of sourness
Good thing I like celery
O non sequitur!

Apple cinnamon
Is that sauerkraut? Oh no!
Dimethyl Sulfide!

Cloudy and heady
Fizzy or fuzzy grassy.
Lets' roll in hay.

Mike 2.5 mugs | Chris 3.2 mugs | Jess 3.0 mugs | Rod 2.7 mugs | Gina 2.9 mugs | Matt 3.5 mugs
KOTBR Score: 2.97 Mugs

Avery Fourteen - 3.32 Mugs

dark brown with tan head
smells like an Avery beer
thick, candy mouthfeel

everyone will say
that this smells like tootsie roll
but I said it first

Ugh...this is heavy
No Doc Brown, not lit'rally
Chok-lit...I give up.

Molasses in nose
Brown sugar and strawberry
Tastes like Avery

Molasses and hops.
Chocolate cookies sprinkled.
What about more?

Mike 4.14 mugs | Chris 3.26 mugs | Jess 3.2 mugs | Rod 3.3 mugs | Gina 3.125 mugs | Matt 2.9 mugs
KOTBR Score: 3.32 Mugs

Great Divide Espresso Oak Aged Yeti ($11.99/22 oz. btl Kahn's Fine Wine and Spirits) - 2.51 Mugs

nose of coffee-soap
arboraceous, demitasse
young, needs to be aged

like safe oral sex?
here's a beer flavored for you
condom or balloon?

Cryptid coffee beer
Add exactly one guest soap
Grandma Yeti's house

Vanilla coffee
Hint of bourbon, dry ending
BOOM it's chicory

Lavender coffee.
Black tea, hops, and condoms.
Yeti is that you?

Mike 1.75 mugs | Jess 2.1 mugs | Rod 3.8 mugs | Gina 2.5 mugs | Matt 2.4 mugs
KOTBR Score: 2.51 Mugs

* Side note - Upland Cherry Lambic is nicely aging. It's MUCH better than when it was fresh.


  1. In Seattle, I used to go to a bar called Tap House. They had over 100 beers on tap. Out of all those beers, Oak Aged Yeti was the worst beer I ever had. It tasted like some sort of chemical compound. I think Mike nailed it on the head: condom flavored.

  2. We should point out that this was the Espresso Oak Aged Yeti - I had the (non-espresso) Oak Aged Yeti (or was it the regular ol' (non-oak-aged) Yeti?) on tap at Bodega in Columbus, OH and enjoyed it quite a bit - so much, in fact, that when the Espresso version came out, I had to have it. And I had oak aged Yeti at GABF and remember it fondly.

    Of course the high expectations only increased my disappointment with with Espresso version. Yuck.

    In any case, Great Divide must have a lot of success with the beer - after all, they've got three versions of it.