07 April 2009

Finally, Fat Tire.

We're not the sort to blindly post press releases, but knowing that this site does a fair amount of traffic on google searches for "Fat Tire Indiana" and "Fat Tire Indianapolis" means it's probably in the best interest of all involved if we pass along the following news.
New Belgium Brewing Pedals into Indiana on April 20

Brewery Brings Bombers of Fat Tire, 1554 and Mothership Wit
to the Hoosier State

Fort Collins, CO – April 7, 2009 – New Belgium Brewing, the third-largest craft brewer in the U.S., today announced that 22-ounce bombers of Fat Tire, 1554 and Mothership Wit will be available throughout Indiana beginning April 20. Indiana is one of four new markets for New Belgium in early 2009.

“We’re excited to be rolling into Indiana,” said Bryan Simpson, spokesperson from New Belgium. “There’s a savvy bike scene and an appreciation for good beer so it should be a great fit all around.”

New Belgium is nationally recognized for its progressive environmental practices. By tapping into one of its core values of environmental stewardship, consumers can enjoy their new favorite beers even more. All of New Belgium’s beers are produced at a brewery where choices like reduced greenhouse emissions, green building techniques and water conservation are a cultural way of life.

Indiana residents looking to learn more about New Belgium can check out the New Belgium newsletter, The Tinkerer: http://www.newbelgium.com/the-tinkerer or New Belgium’s site: www.newbelgium.com. For those who love man’s greatest invention (the bicycle) as much as New Belgium, join Team Wonderbike today: http://www.teamwonderbike.com/.

Here are the beers New Belgium is bringing to Indiana:

Fat Tire

Like the ageless delight of pedaling a bicycle, Fat Tire Amber Ale’s appeal is in its feat of balance: Toasty malt flavors (sorta like biscuits just pulled from the oven) coasting in equilibrium with crisp hoppiness. Delicious stability - in the world of sometimes-precarious beer flavors – is perhaps what prompted one consumer to say, “This beer just makes you smile.”

Fat Tire’s depth of flavor, achieved with neither a disproportionate sway toward hops or malts, tandems well with a full spectrum of today’s engaging cuisines. Salmon, dry-aged cheeses, roasted chilies, omelets at midnight, sweet potato French fries and just about anything with grill marks or garlic are just a few of the edibles we like to partner up with our Amber Ale.

Other than being dark in color, 1554 has little in common with Porters or Stouts. The beer is fermented at relatively high temperatures using a European lager yeast that imparts a refreshing, zesty acidity. Chocolate and coffee tones in the nose give way to a surprisingly clean finish. With 1554 we hoped to create a beer similar to what folks enjoyed nearly five-hundred years ago without ignoring five-hundred years of technological innovation.

Mothership Wit
New Belgium’s first organic beer offering, Mothership Wit elevates the zesty Wit or White beers of Belgium with wheat malt, coriander and orange peel spicing - all of which are organically grown. The Mothership experience begins with a cloudy pale yellow appearance capped by a creamy white head. Next is the alluring, slightly spicy, floral nose. The refreshing taste is the result of a gravitational balance of citrus and sour flavors held in suspension by a bright burst of carbonation.

By mid-2009, New Belgium beers will be available in 26 states across the United States. Fat Tire is the brewery’s flagship brew, with its other year-round and seasonal Belgian beers recognized for their mature flavors, unique history and high quality ingredients.

About New Belgium Brewing Company

New Belgium Brewing Company, makers of Fat Tire Amber Ale and a host of Belgian-inspired beers, began operations in a tiny Fort Collins basement in 1991. Today, the third largest craft brewer in the U.S., New Belgium produces seven year-round beers; Fat Tire Amber Ale, Sunshine Wheat, Blue Paddle Pilsner, 1554 Black Ale, Abbey, Mothership Wit and Trippel, as well as a host of seasonal releases. In addition to producing world-class beers, New Belgium takes pride in being a responsible corporate role model with progressive programs such as employee ownership, open book management and a commitment to environmental stewardship. For more information, visit www.newbelgium.com.
Of course, we've reviewed Fat Tire more than once (KOTBR 20 and KOTBR 23) - and we're not quite as happy as some of you are right now. But we know what New Belgium is capable of, and hopefully this is the first step in bringing the rest of the New Belgium line to Indiana - a step we're all excited to see.


  1. I know a lot of beer sophistos aren't into Fat Tire...but I am. Happy days.

  2. I'm willing to bet that the Brass Ring gets some Fat Tire.

  3. It we could only get some La Folie here, but that won't be happening based on other markets they are in.

    I would also like to see the Blue Paddle pilsner here. Great lawnmower beer.

  4. St. Louis got some La Folie this year, so eventually it has to happen for us too, right?

  5. Yea, it'd be nice to get La Folie here.

    But oh well, by the end of the month I'll have quite a lot of it. Maybe I'll share some... Maybe. ;)

  6. So would this be a good time to mention 'happy 4/20'? ;-)

  7. Fat Tire is the 2nd best Amber (behind Alaskan) I've ever tasted. Five years ago when I moved here, it was all Bud light. With Fat Tire on the menu, Indianapolis is not longer a crappy burg in the middle of nowhere.

    Now, it's a crappy burg in the middle of nowhere where you can get FAT TIRE. (Now if we could get McMinamens out here, it would be heaven!)

  8. 2 below, their winter and fall brew is 6.6 % is the best but great not to have to drive to illinois for fat tire

  9. Further proof that God loves us.

    Thank you Lord for giving New Belgium the wisdom to bring Fat Tire to our market.

    I will no longer have to make 8 hr round trips to get my fix.

  10. Bretorius,

    I agree, having Fat Tire around makes being a foreigner to the midwest bearable. I hate the midwest- it is a horrible place to be- but Fat Tire reminds one of the free spirit of the west.