22 October 2009

KOTBR #88: The Charlie Davies Roundtable

As you may have noticed, several of the Knights of the Beer Roundtable at Hoosier Beer Geek are soccer fans. And even though the United States Men's National Team had their ticket to World Cup 2010 punched on October 10th with their defeat of Honduras, the US v. Costa Rica match last Wednesday seemed as good a reason as any to get together, open some beers, and watch the match, even though the results didn't impact the US much.

But then the day before the match, forward Charlie Davies was involved in a horrific car accident, making the match an emotional one for team members and fans. So in Charlie's honor, we dedicate Roundtable #88 to him and offer 9 word reviews in honor of USMNT's #9. Get well soon, Charlie.

Three Floyd's Black Sun
Jim - 3.565 mugs: Sweet floral nose. Dry metallic finish. A deceptive beer.
Mike - 3.75 mugs: Hoppy front. Light on tongue. Lingers bitter. Balance everywhere.
Rod - 3.6 mugs: Dry cocoa stout but why do I get strawberries?
Gina - 3.8 mugs: Malty, dark fruit, dry, hoppy, weird stout, usual 3Floyds.
Jason - 3.89 mugs: This complex hoppy stout has a touch of Unibroue.
KOTBR Score: 3.72 mugs

New Glarus Raspberry Tart
Jim - 5.0 mugs: Raspberry jello nose. Tart, luscious berry flavor. Simply perfect.
Mike - 5.0 mugs: Here's proof - sometimes a beer can't be any better.
Rod - 4.5 mugs: Fresh raspberry jam, lemon tartness, my favorite New Glarus.
Gina - 5.0 mugs: OMG, this makes me so happy. Love, love, love.
Jason - 3.69 mugs: Is this very berry really beer? Sweet enjoyable tartness.
KOTBR Score: 4.63 mugs

Rodenbach Flemish Sour Ale
Jim - 3.5 mugs: Smells like nail polish. Oaky sour flavor. Fairly decent.
Mike - 3.62 mugs: Sour middle, sour finish, but overall a little watery.
Rod - 3.7 mugs: Cranberry, cherry, apples, pears, and a lot of water.
Gina - 3.95 mugs: Sweet fruit nose, lightly tart taste. Grape, oak, raisins.
Jason - 3.29 mugs: Less of old, more of new, favorite sour yet.
KOTBR Score: 3.61 mugs

Fantome Pissenlit
Jim - 2.75 mugs: Dandelion saison. Rubbery smell and taste. Not my thing.
Mike - 3.45 mugs: I liked the dance this did on my tongue.
Rod - 3.7 mugs: Funky starchy sweet nose, tastes like dandelions and saison.
Gina - 3.3 mugs: Poo nose at first. Flavors are sweet, sour, natural.
Jason - 2.39 mugs: Like Burt Reynolds, smells like dandelions in sour piss.
KOTBR Score: 3.11 mugs

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  1. The regular Fantome Saison (black label) is much better than the Pissenlit in my opinion. Best Saison I've had this year was the Saison-Brett from Boulevard Brewing.