17 July 2007

KOTBR #22: Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout

For Review #22, the Knights of the Beer Roundtable convened at Hot Shotz Ale & Grill to try out the limited-production Founders Brewery Kentucky Breakfast Bourbon Aged Stout. (Say that three times fast.)

Jason started off by insulting Chris and praising the beer simultaneously, which is no easy task. He praised the chameleon-like qualities of the stout before giving it a big thumbs up and a 5 mug rating:

This beer showed me that while I have been hopping on hops a lot recently, myroots are in the maltier beers. And bourbon stouts still rank as my favorite beer variety. I'm reluctant to give this beer a 5 mug rating simply because I have not tried every single beer in the world and there is a chance that there is a better beer out there. But I'm going to do that anyway, because I could not imagine a better beer.

Mike followed up with a nod to our excellent bartender, Hans, and delved into the qualities of the beer (and a 3.5 mug rating):

Hans (our bartender) had warned us that this stout was unlike others in that it was better a little colder, and I'd agree with him. But then again, I much prefer the taste of coffee to bourbon. Because this was such an interesting and transformative beer, I'd give the Founders Kentucky Breakfast Bourbon Aged Stout a 3.5 mug rating.

Jim complimented Brian, the owner, and commented on availability before he echoed Jason’s earlier sentiments with a 5 mug rating:

I'm on precisely the same page as Jason with this beer. I would add only that, as the beer warmed, I detected some hazelnut notes in the flavor.Kentucky Breakfast Stout was a thoroughly delicious beer. I give it the Hoosier Beer Geek seal of special approval: 5 mugs.

And Kelly discussed her love/hate relationship with the stout before she rated it 4 mugs:

Jason mentioned how fascinated he was with the complexities of the beer, and I’m in total agreement. Especially since just ten minutes after I loved the beer…I haaaaaaated it! I let it get just a little too warm, and the last few sips of the beer were like chugging straight Kentucky bourbon. I think my eyes might have rolled back in my head a little. I give the beer 4 solid mugs and a couple of aspirin for good measure.

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