23 July 2007

Microbrew Fest In Review

Other than all the beer a geek could drink, my favorite part of the day was all the fun t-shirts (besides ours, which was hands-down the coolest and most spoken about). Actually, my very favorite part of the day was when we were in line for a pour from World Class Beverages. In the adjacent line was a guy with a t-shirt making a derogatory statement about midgets (I don't remember exactly what it said because I had a lot to drink prior to then and after then). And as luck would have it, the only midget I saw at the festival (unless I happened to overlook anymore - ok, bad joke - I apologize) stepped up in line behind him. I looked at his shirt, then I looked at the midget, then I looked back at this shirt, I tapped him on the shoulder and nodded my head back, then he looked, and I guffawed. The look on his face was priceless. After his friends saw what was going on, and burst out laughing themselves, he just put his arm over his shirt, turned, and walked out of the tent. Priceless. You just can't be too careful about what group you're making fun of on you're tshirt at a beer festival - they just might show up right behind you! Remind me never to wear t-shirts with insulting comments about liberal buxom brunnettes who offer you free chicken wings and free beer, because my wife might show up behind me in line!!

I'm going to give you my top three favorite beers of the festival (a chore in and of itself because I have to narrow about 60 beers down to three), but first, I'm going to give you my top three favorite t-shirts:

3. A George W. Bush head with devil horns
2. The shirt Jim mentioned that said "I'm Fat. F*ck Off." (but it left the "u" in)
3. The derogatory Midget shirt.

My three favorite beers:

3. "Angry Mellon" from Brugge - I think Jim gives you the real name, but it was tough enough for me to remember the top secret code name.

2. "Hoptimus" by New Albanian - I rated this #1 at Brew-Ha-Ha, and if not for Nick Floyds 4pm tapping special, it would have been #1 again. This is just a damn fine beer. I was even going to buy a t-shirt (but for some reason unbeknownst to me, breweries don't make t-shirts that accomodate beer bellies!).

1. "Dark Lord" from Three Floyds - First, thanks to part-owner Mike DeWeese for your part in our ability to quickly sample Dark Lord. Very appropriate to try this dastardly offering on the day of that the last stand of the dark Lord Voldemort hits bookshelves. If this is what evil tastes like, screw The Force - sign me up Lord Vader!

To top it all off, the weather was perfect, and the mood was right. It's normally miserably hot for this event, but the beer gods were happy on Saturday and rewarded us with the perfect beer drinking climate.

Finally, thanks to Bob Ostrander for taking care of fellow beer bloggers!

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