14 July 2007

This is not a public service announcement | Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout @ Hot Shotz

I like to think that Hoosier Beer Geek performs a public service. After all, we tell you about beers that we think are worth trying and buying.

But I'm not sure we that performed a public service with this review. As HBG reader Rodney noted, Founders Brewery's Kentucky Breakfast Stout is almost impossible to get a hold of. We drank the last six of them at Hot Shotz Ale & Grill, and I don't know of any other establishments in town that currently carry it. A search on World Class Beverage's handy dandy beer finder yielded no results for Indiana. Therefore, in the end, we reviewed a beer that you won't be able to drink if you live in Indiana. So much for public service. And my apologies to Chris for reviewing, in his absence, a beer that I know he would love.

Like my cohorts, I left with a very favorable impression of Hot Shotz. I didn't try any of the grub, so I can't give you my thoughts on that. But barkeep Hans and owner Brian Graham really know their beer. So if you're looking to leap into the craft beer thing, these two gentlemen would be fantastic guides. Plus, any bar that's willing to turn on a soccer game for me on the television (as Brian did) deserves extra praise. In short, give the place a visit, especially if you're a Northsider. You won't be disappointed.

As for the Kentucky Breakfast Stout, if this is the typical day-opening beverage for Kentuckians, then I'm moving to Louisville (or would that be to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Founders Brewery is located?). I'm on precisely the same page as Jason with this beer. I would add only that, as the beer warmed, I detected some hazelnut notes in the flavor.

Kentucky Breakfast Stout was a thoroughly delicious beer. I give it the Hoosier Beer Geek seal of special approval: 5 mugs.


  1. Yeah, I sometimes worry about the same thing. But I'm not losing any sleep over it!

    Just think of it as this: its a PSA that if you see this beer available, get it!

  2. The reason you did not find Founders KY Breakfast on the WCB website is because they do not distribute Founders. Cavalier Distributing (the only truly independent state wide specialty beer distributor in Indiana) sells Founders to the better Liquor stores Bars and Restaurants in Indiana. Please look us up at the Micro brewers fest!

    Any way KY Breakfast is very very very limited. Only 30 cases made it to Indiana. It is truly wonderful and absolutely positively truly awesome beer!