31 January 2012

Bee Creek Brewery: 2007 - 2012

Brazil's Bee Creek Brewery recently announced they are closing their doors. They will be greatly missed, as we were fans of their beer, holding fond memories of the Clay County Coffee Stout, among others.

We hope as this door closes, this won't be the last we hear from them.

Unsung Heroes of Indiana Craft Beer - Porters and Stouts
KOTBR #109 - The Mass Ave Craft Beer Pride Parade

The second year of the Beer and Cheese Club starts off with a bang.  In the beer department, Shoreline's 2008 Curse the Goat barrel-aged doppelbock.  Shoreline's barrel series can typically fetch $20 or more at a liquor store, so for Curse the Goat to show up in an edition of the Beer and Cheese Club is really something special.  But it doesn't stop with an impressive beer, oh no.  Our cheese selection is crafted by an Italian cheese maker that decided to set up shop in Kentucky.  Giovanni Capezzuto's Kentucky Grana gets an even more local twist this month.  The Smoking Goose has smoked a wheel of this cheese and it is this month's cheese selection with the Beer and Cheese Club!

The beer is from the north, the cheese is from the south and Goose the Market brings it all together with the Smoking Goose and the Beer and Cheese Club.  If you're a member of the Beer and Cheese Club at Goose the Market, your January installment is ready for you to pick up right now. If you're not a member, the club is $99 for 4 months.  We normally get this out ahead of time, but Winterfest slowed us down this month.  Despite our lethargy, I think you'll enjoy the pairing just the same.

This month brings an extra special treat to members.

The beer is from Indiana’s own Shoreline Brewery and part of their Big Bourbon Series. Curse the Dopplebock is interesting right now. It imparts a bit of sour flavor, mixed with aromas of bourbon and dark fruit. It is light on the tongue and a little warming in the belly.

This goat’s milk cheese from Lexington, KY is made by Napoli native, and now Lexington resident, Giovanni Capezzuto. His Old World approach makes for a deliciously subtle and buttery textured cheese. But this particular batch gets a little “Goose” from Chris Eley. This cheese has been smoked at the Smoking Goose, which gives it a little extra something special. If you’ve ever been fortunate to have some bacon or other smoky treat from the Meatery, you know how delicious it is. This cheese takes on that flavor like a champ.

Thanks Goose!

I was quite excited about this beer, because everything I've had from the Barrel Series has been great.  Curse the Goat took me a little by surprise, perhaps because the barrel aging is beginning to influence the beer in the sour direction.  Sour red grapes were the first thing I noticed in the aroma, followed with faint notes of raisin, chocolate, malt and bourbon.  The flavor was similar.  A bit of tartness mixed with plums, figs and raisins and a hint of bourbon in the background.  Certainly no longer your typical doppelbock, this is now something entirely unique.  I wouldn't let this beer sit another year or it may lose its body to sourness, but right now the balance is intriguing.

The cheese is another story, as it is quite fresh and bursts with a beautiful smoky flavor.  The fresh Smoking Goose treatment is immediately noticeable both in the aroma and flavor.  The cheese has a distinct dry, salty, nuttiness that lends itself to smoking and creates an incredible end product.  When tasting the cheese and the beer together, the doppelbock notes are incredibly complimentary with the dark fruit and rich malt flavors pairing well with the smoked character of the cheese.  The sourness creates an interesting reaction with the salty flavor of the cheese, which seems to run parallel to the other flavor interactions without disturbing them.  Certainly a unique pairing!

Sorry, you don't get the whole wheel

To join the Beer and Cheese Club at Goose the Market (in conjunction with Hoosier Beer Geek), check out this PDF and then either call Goose the Market at 317-924-4944 or stop in the shop at 2503 N. Delaware St.

30 January 2012

Hoosier Beer Geek's Guide to Good Beer for Super Bowl XLVI Visitors

Over the past weekend, visitors coming to Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI began hitting the city. Fans from New York, New England, and elsewhere will continue to arrive in Indy this week to cheer on their team on Sunday. But rather than instill rivalry and conflict between Giants and Pats fans, it's our mission at Hoosier Beer Geek to spread the love of craft beer, especially among those visiting Indiana. We know how hard it can be finding good beer in an unfamiliar state.

Where to Drink Craft Beer in Indianapolis

We've covered this one before. Rather than repeat it all, check out our "Where to Drink" guides. In these guides, we cover many local bars, breweries, and brewpubs. We also provide some tips on effectively using public transportation to get to your desired craft beer destinations. All in all, it's going to be busy this week, so a lengthy list of watering holes will be a good thing to have. Hey, we actually have a lot of beer in Indianapolis.

Many of the establishments we list in our Where to Drink guides are holding special events and will be open for extended hours this week. If you're interested in visiting an establishment after perusing our Where to Drink guides, check that establishment's website for more details on specials (we link to their websites in the Where to Drink guides). You should also check this blog on Friday morning for our weekly feature, the Random Beer Roundup, which will have the latest news on any Super Bowl-related events featuring craft beer. Our HBG calendar in the sidebar of the blog is also a handy tool.

What to Drink

We cannot emphasize this enough: Indiana breweries are making amazing beer. If you know anything at all about Indiana breweries, you're undoubtedly familiar with Indiana's most acclaimed brewery among beer geeks, Three Floyds. Rest assured that if you're looking for Three Floyds beers in Indianapolis, you'll find them at just about every establishment that serves craft beer in this town. But don't fixate on only Three Floyds. While we love their beer, you won't be disappointed with other Indiana-brewed beers. The Indianapolis area alone boasts 16 breweries, with several more opening soon. In short, we have a burgeoning craft beer scene in Indianapolis. We cover most of the breweries in our Where to Drink guides. If you'd just like a simple list of Indianapolis breweries, head over to Indiana Beer.

And now for Indiana's silly liquor laws

One last warning: At some establishments, you cannot purchase beer/wine/liquor for carry-out on Sunday. This law primarily includes liquor stores and grocery stores. Do NOT forget this or you may end up very upset if you want to have your own stash of beer for your hotel room or tailgate party. Plan ahead and buy before Sunday. Yes it's stupid, but we all have our dumb liquor laws we have to work with.

All is not lost, however. Keep in mind that you can still drink at bars, restaurants, and breweries on Sunday. In addition, Indiana breweries and wineries *are* permitted to offer carry-out sales on Sundays, though not all breweries take advantage of this.

In closing, we hope you like your stay in Indianapolis. It might be called Naptown, but don't expect to have time for a nap while you're here; there are plenty of things to do in our fair city. Have fun, and enjoy the big game!

29 January 2012

Where to Drink in Indy - Hoosier Beer Geek's Guide to Downtown

You can forget all your troubles and forget all your cares and drink downtown.

Indianapolis has some great drinking neighborhoods. Broad Ripple, Fountain Square, Massachusetts Avenue--they all have great establishments for craft beer. But if you live, work, or visit downtown, there is no need for expensive cab fares or a potential DUI. There are a variety of places within stumbling distance. Here are a few of our favorites in the Mile Square.

Adobo Grill
This Mexican grill has a small craft beer selection, but they make your guacamole tableside (highly recommended), have fantastic tacos, and a fine selection of tequila, if that’s your thing. You might also try a michelada, which is a spicy beer cocktail similar to a Bloody Mary.
110 E. Washington St.
HBG Visits
KOTBR #74 - Tacos and Chelada at Adobo Grill

Dick’s Bodacious Bar-B-Q
This counter-service, Texas-style BBQ joint keeps a great craft beer list on tap and in bottles. A nice choice for a quick bite and a drink. I highly recommend the Hoss nachos.
50 N. Pennsylvania St.

Hoosier Park’s Winner's Circle
If you want to place a bet on most sporting events, you can’t do it in Indy. At least not legally. But if you want to bet on the ponies, Indy can help you. The Winner's Circle is a bar, restaurant, and off-track betting facility. What's more, you’ll find craft beer to help lubricate your wallet.
20 N. Pennsylvania St.
HBG Visits
KOTBR #144 - Of Tridents and Horses

The Libertine Liquor Bar
Chef Neal Brown owned and operated the highly-regarded L’explorateur before opening The Libertine, which specializes in craft cocktails and small plates. The Libertine is better known for their cocktails than their craft beer, but we are making a convert out of Neal.
38 E. Washington Street

Pearl Street Pizzeria and Pub
A little off the beaten path but close to everything, Pearl Street serves up pizzas, sandwiches, salads, and craft beer. It's a great pick for a meal and a pint if Bankers Life Fieldhouse is your destination for a Pacers game or other event.
65 E. Pearl St.

The RAM Restaurant & Brewery
The two breweries downtown are chains, but they have good food and locally-crafted beers from fantastic brewmasters. The first chain brewery on our list is RAM. We recommend that you grab a pint of RAM’s special or seasonal brews, especially if any barrel-aged brews are on draft.
140 S. Illinois Street
HBG Visits
KOTBR #128 - Knights of the Beer Ramtable

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery
The second of Indy's downtown chain breweries has been a longtime fixture on Washington Street. Brewer Jerry Sutherlin brews up some fantastic hoppy beers (the Hopbomb is a personal favorite) and the food is good too. I recommend the nachos (I like nachos!)
10 W. Washington Street
HBG Visits
KOTBR #59 - A Likely Story
KOTBR #33 - Rock Bottom Pumpkin Ale

Scotty’s Brewhouse
Scotty’s Brewhouse has locations in Indy, Muncie, Lafayette, and Bloomington with a brewery (Thr3e Wise Men) in Broad Ripple. The food menu is extensive and the craft beer tap list is the largest downtown. The patio is a great place to hang and there are plenty of TV’s inside. It is a block from the front door of Bankers Life Fieldhouse.
1 Virginia Ave. #100
HBG Visits
KOTBR #77 - The Socratic Beer Method

Tavern on South
Tavern on South has one of my favorite non-nachos appetizers: Shagbark Teriyaki Duck Wings. The mushroom cappachino soup is wonderful on a cold day. The entire menu is fantastic. It is close to Lucas Oil Stadium. And it has a great tap list. You’ll find me there after work during half priced appetizers (4p-6p Monday through Thursday).
423 W. South St.
HBG Visits
KOTBR #133 - You're Going to Hate This

Tomlinson Tap Room
If you are looking for a variety of local food bites, you’ll find it at the City Market. Papa Roux and Three Days in Paris (crepes) are among my favorites. But the icing on the cake: the Tomlinson Tap Room.  Located on the second floor of the main hall, the TTP serves nothing but Indiana craft beer. And you can get growlers to go (except on Sundays).
222 E. Market Street
HBG Visits
Sneak Preview: Tomlinson Tap Room at City Market
Scenes from American Craft Beer Week | Sun King/Three Floyds Three Kings Tapping @ the Tomlinson Tap Room
Beer Diary #25 - Mike - FSB and F8 at Tomlinson Tap Room

Previously in our "Where to Drink in Indy" series:

Where to Drink in Indy - Hoosier Beer Geek's Guide to Broad Ripple, the North Side, and the Northeast Side
Where to Drink in Indy - Hoosier Beer Geek's Guide to Mass Ave, the Near East Side, and the Near North Side
Where to Drink in Indy - Hoosier Beer Geek's Guide to Fountain Square

Where to Drink in Indy - Hoosier Beer Geek's Guide to Broad Ripple, the North Side, and the East Side

In our third post of our "Where to Drink in Indianapolis" series, we focus on one of Indy's prime entertainment and cultural districts: Broad Ripple Village. We also highlight some drinking destinations on the city's north side and east side. Here's our list, sorted according to area.

South Broad Ripple/Meridian Kessler

Recess/Room Four
If you're looking for an amazing culinary experience to match your search for excellent beer, you should dine at Recess or its companion restaurant, Room Four. Chef/owner Greg Hardesty is a gastronomic superstar in Indianapolis, and the restaurants' contemporary American dishes are unparalleled in the city. The menus change daily. And the beer selections, though offered solely in bottles, are perfect for pairing with Hardesty's cuisine. Reservations are a must for Recess; if you want to walk in, try Room Four.
4907 N. College Ave.
HBG Visits:
Scenes From a Beer Dinner: Nøgne Ø at Recess

The Sinking Ship
Along with Recess/Room Four and the Upland Tasting Room, the Sinking Ship brought a welcome revitalization to the long-neglected intersection of 49th Street and College Avenue. The Ship has a punk vibe and a menu of hearty sandwiches and draft beers from regional and local brewers (though be prepared to have your beer served in a Mason jar). The Ship is a great place for hockey fans because NHL games are always on during the season. 21+ only.
4923 N. College Ave.

Twenty Tap/Underground
The sign outside Twenty Tap says "Craft. Beer. Bar." What more need we say? Well, this: Twenty Tap, owned by former Broad Ripple Brewpub brewmaster Kevin Matalucci, is one of your best bets for getting a taste of the best beer Indiana has to offer, especially considering that the pub boasts 38 taps. It's also worth noting that Twenty Tap offers half-pours of any of their beer selections, allowing patrons to moderate their sampling. Chef Rob Coates keeps a menu of expected bar food favorites interesting and upsale yet remarkably affordable. The vegan (yes, vegan) bahn mi sandwich is a Hoosier Beer Geek favorite. And to top everything off, Twenty Tap now offers their own house brews under the Underground label.
5408 N. College Ave.
HBG Visits:
KOTBR #139 - 31 Flavors
KOTBR #134 - Zombies on Twenty Taps

Upland Tasting Room
Bloomington-based Upland Brewing Company opened up their Indianapolis outpost, the Tasting Room, in 2009. The brewery's concept for the space is pretty simple. They serve beer, but they're not a bar. They serve food, but they're not a restaurant. The best way to describe the Tasting Room is that it's like a coffee shop, but with the emphasis on beer instead of coffee. Stop in and you'll be able to grab a beer and relax in a funky chair, or just walk in with a growler and head home to enjoy some fresh Upland beer there. We recommend the Teddy Bear Kisses Imperial Stout or a bottle of one of Upland's acclaimed lambics (if available).
4842 N. College Ave.
HBG Visits:
KOTBR #124 - In Tribute
Upland Tasting Room Now Open!
Upland Coming Soon to Indianapolis

Broad Ripple

Binkley's Kitchen & Bar
Binkley's is a neighborhood favorite with Broad Ripple and Meridian Kessler residents. The restaurant offers classic American fare and has a great line-up of local and regional beers on tap, including unique offerings from a nitro line.
5902 N. College Ave.
HBG Visits:
Sierra Nevada Brewmaster Meet and Greet - Binkley's

Broad Ripple Brewpub
English expatriate John Hill opened the Broad Ripple Brewpub in 1990 in an effort to bring an authentic English pub experience to Indianapolis. He did more than that, kick-starting Indiana's craft beer revolution and creating an Indiana craft beer monument. English-style ales and an extensive menu help complete the effort. Order whatever is on the hand-pull. We especially like the Monon Porter.
842 E. 65th St.
317.ALE.BREW (253.2739)
HBG Visits:
KOTBR #94 | 2001: A Stout Odyssey
The 2009 Knights of the Beer Roundtable Beer of the Year - Broad Ripple Brewpub's Monon Porter
KOTBR #64 - Forgotten Landmarks
Indiana Beer Week Bar Hop - Day One - Operation Chaos
KOTBR #11 - Broad Ripple Brewpub's Wee Alec Heavy

Brugge Brasserie
Look below and you'll see a long list of posts we've written about Brugge Brasserie. There's a good reason for this: Brugge is an Indianapolis treasure. Nestled next to the Monon Trail, Brugge is unique among Indiana's brewpubs because it's the only brewery in the state to focus on Belgian-style beers and food. Ask your server if there are any sour beers on tap, such as Brugge's famous Pooka and Harvey sour ales, and be sure to order the frites (fries), which are among Indianapolis' best. You also can't go wrong with a glass of Brugge's famous Tripel de Ripple, but be advised: there's a two-beer limit due to the potency of this beer.
1011 E. Westfield Blvd.
HBG Visits:
KOTBR #147 - At the End of the World, A Beer Named after a Cat Named "Good Dog"
KOTBR #124 - In Tribute
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The First Annual Hoosier Beer Geek Craft Beer Breakfast
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Indiana Beer Week Bar Hop - Day One - Operation Chaos
KOTBR #48 - Dude, Where's Chris's Car?
Six Pack Interview with Brugge's Charlie Midgley
The Complete Works (so far) of Ted Miller (abridged)
KOTBR #34 - Two at Brugge Brasserie - Thunder Monkey and Impérial
Beer Diary - Mike
The Hoosier Beer Geek 6 Pack - Ted Miller, Brewer/Owner of Brugge Brasserie and Brugge Beer
Beer Diary - Jim | South Florida Edition
KOTBR #14 - Brugge Quadripple
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Chumley's Pub
Chumley's is more or less a college bar, attracting much of its clientele from nearby Butler University (home to Indy's beloved Butler Bulldogs). But unlike many college bars with their sole focus on macrobrews, Chumley's has an extensive tap list that always has something to suit any beer geek's tastes. The bar also sells beer by the pitcher and has several nitro lines that pour more than the usual nitro offerings. 21+ only.
838 Broad Ripple Ave.
HBG Visits:
KOTBR #55 - Beer and Progress with the Urbanophile

Corner Wine Bar
If you're looking for a restaurant that is perfect for date night and that has a well-curated wine and beer list, visit the Corner Wine Bar. Along with a menu of Continental-inspired dishes, the CWB has a cozy English-style pub with a small but nice selection of draft beers. Stop by on Wednesdays, when pints are $3.00.
6331 Guilford Ave.
HBG Visits:
Beer Diary #8 - Jim | Then and Now

Monon Food Company
Offering a selection of 60 beers (mostly bottled), the Monon Food Company is a great place to dine in a family-friendly and casual atmosphere. During the summer, the restaurant's deck is a great place for people watching due to the restaurant's close proximity to the Monon Trail. When it comes to the food, we recommend the Ultimate Mac and Cheese.
6420 Cornell Ave.

Northside Social
Managing to be upscale and casual at the same time, Northside Social carries a sophisticated air with its contemporary furnishings, well-dressed patrons, and attentive servers. Sink into a cushy chair in the lounge area, grab a table, or snag a spot at the bar and you'll have a good draft list at your disposal.
6525 N. College Ave.
(317) 253-0111
HBG Visits:
KOTBR #112 - Flashback at the Northside Social

Sahm's Place
For a few years now, Sahm's Place at 65th and Keystone has carried an excellent range of craft beers on tap and in bottles, including beers from locals Bier, Sun King, Fountain Square, Daredevil, Triton, and Flat12. Sahm's also has beers dinners twice a month and hosts a Tuesday night trivia event weekly that features a craft beer sponsor.
2411 E. 65th St.

Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company
Scott Wise's Scotty's Brewhouse restaurants are well-known in central Indiana, especially in the area's college towns. To refer to Wise as possessing a restaurant empire would be no exaggeration. But Wise is an emperor of the best kind: a benevolent one who always wants to ensure a fun, good-quality dining experience. In 2011, Wise added a brewpub to his stable of restaurants with Thr3e Wise Men. With its blond wood paneling and airy space, the restaurant kind of looks like a ski lodge inside. But pizza and beer are the house specialties. Hop-heads should go for a Golden Zoe IPA, which is lovingly crafted by head brewer Omar Castrellon.
1021 Broad Ripple Ave.
HBG Visits:
3WM HBG Double Brown Tapping
KOTBR #132 - Thr3e Wise Men Golden Zoe IPA, Neil Patrick Harris Style
Opening Today: Thr3e Wise Men

Triton Tap
Triton Tap is the Broad Ripple outpost of east side brewery Triton Brewing Company. The Tap offers all of Triton's house and seasonal brews. Grab a pint, a six-pack, or a growler to go. For more information on Triton Brewing, check out our guide for the east side of the city below.
915 Broad Ripple Avenue

Union Jack Pub
There was a time when hardcore soccer fans in this town had no place to go if they wanted to watch a match from across the pond. Around the time of the 2006 World Cup, Indy's barkeepers began to catch on to the fact that yes, rabid fans of the Beautiful Game make Indianapolis their home. The Union Jack Pub is one of Indianapolis' soccer-centric bars, offering Saturday and Sunday breakfasts to accompany the English Premier League matches they show. The pub has a pretty extensive draft and bottle list with some British, regional, and local offerings.
924 Broad Ripple Ave.
HBG Visits:
KOTBR #75 - Secret Meeting of the (Expanded) Knights of the Beer Roundtable

North Side

Ale Emporium
Billing itself as "The Home of Honest Pizza," Ale Emporium has a respectable selection of craft taps and bottles from local, national, and foreign breweries. You won't find many off-the-beaten-path beers here, but you'll definitely find something to suit your palate. If you find yourself on the north side of town, Ale Emporium is worth checking out.
8617 Allisonville Rd.

Barley Island Brewing Company
Noblesville's Barley Island has been putting out award-winning beers for over a decade. Their brown ale, dubbed Dirty Helen, is particularly delicious, as are their barrel-aged offerings such as Beastie Barrel Porter and Beastie Barrel Stout. We also think that the brewery's Barfly IPA is one of the most under-appreciated beers coming out of Indiana.
639 Conner St.
Noblesville, Indiana 46060
HBG Visits:
KOTBR #90 - Medal Winners
KOTBR #16 - Barley Island's Bourbon Barrel Beers

Chatham Tap Fishers
Like soccer? We do. Chatham Tap is the default choice for fans wishing to catch English Premier League action. The pub's tap list follows suit, with the standard English selections as well as local taps and a nice bottle list. And if you happen to follow the U.S. National Team, the Chatham Tap is where you want to be on match day because the local American Outlaws chapter takes over the bar with their bawdy chants and infectious enthusiasm.
8211 E. 116th St.
Fishers, Indiana 46038

The Pint Room
140 taps. Tasty gastropub fare. Carmel's Pint Room opened in 2014 and has impressed patrons with its nearly endless selection of beers, which always includes plenty of Indiana-brewed beers. The staff does a fantastic job of rotating selections and providing an excellent lineup of out-of-state craft brews as well. So grab a flight of samplers and taste away.
110 W. Main St.
Carmel, Indiana 46032

Ram Restaurant & Brewery Fishers
Ram is part of a chain, but don't count that against them. They have good food and locally-crafted beers with fantastic brewers. We recommend that you grab a pint of Ram brewmaster Andrew Castner’s special or seasonal brews, especially if any of his barrel-aged brews are on draft.
12750 Parkside Drive
Fishers, Indiana 46038

Rock Bottom College Park
Unfortunately, chain brewpubs sometimes get a bad rap. People automatically assume that if it's corporate, it's not worth having. Definitely not so with Rock Bottom. While some of Rock Bottom's beers are the same no matter which Rock Bottom you visit, each pub's brewer is given the freedom to brew several other beers according to the brewer's own recipes. Rock Bottom's north side location offers several gems from brewer extraordinaire Liz Laughlin. We recommend ordering whatever's on cask.
2801 Lake Circle Dr.
HBG Visits:
KOTBR #107 - Re-dedication at Rock Bottom College Park

Union Brewing Company
This small brewery in an inconspicuous Carmel strip mall might not look like much from the outside. But once you venture inside past the brewhouse and into the rustic bar area, you know you've arrived at one of the north side's havens for craft beer drinkers. Specializing in cask ales, Union usually has at least three of their house beers on along with several cask offerings from other brewers. If it's on tap, we recommend a pour of Union's Miami Weisse Berliner Weisse.
622 S. Rangeline Rd., Ste. Q
Carmel, Indiana 46032
HBG Visits:
KOTBR #149 - North of the Rodney Zone at Union Brewing Company

Upland Carmel Tap House
In 2013, Upland opened its Carmel Tap House, where it offers its flagship and seasonal brews and an extensive menu of delicious pub-style dishes.
820 E. 116th St.
Carmel, Indiana 46032

East Side

Bier Brewery and Taproom
Bier Brewery and Taproom's Darren Connor began his brewing career at homebrewing supply store Great Fermentations, perfecting the homebrewing craft that he learned in college. In late 2010, he opened Bier just a few doors down from Great Fermentations. Because Bier's batches are small, the brewery rotates styles quite frequently and offers only growlers for sale. But that's not a bad thing; variety, as they say, is the spice of life. We're quite fond of Bier's DFG IPA, so grab a growler if it's on. 21+ only.
5133 E. 65th St.
317.253.BIER (2437)

Black Acre Brewing Company
What happens when a group of law students decides to forgo law practice and start a brewery? Black Acre Brewing Company happens. The brewery, which takes its name from the hypothetical tract of land discussed in property law classrooms throughout the country, brews small batches on a three barrel electric system. As you might expect from a group of lawyers, Black Acre is attentive to detail, producing high-quality, innovative beers. Among them are the brewery's house IPA, Saucy Intruder Rye IPA, and the Green Tea Pale Ale. Black Acre sits in an impressive space on Washington Street in Indy's charming Irvington neighborhood and offers a small menu of artisanal sandwiches and sides along with their beers. Sunday brunch is also offered. 21+ only.
5632 E. Washington St.
HBG Visits:
KOTBR #151 - Comedy Night at Black Acre Brewing Company
KOTBR #150 - Celebrating a Century-and-a-Half of Roundtables at Black Acre Brewing, Irvington
KOTBR #141 - Knights in Irvington

Triton Brewing Company
Triton Brewing Company opened in 2011 out at Fort Benjamin Harrison in a marvelously refurbished building that was long-used as a horse barn. At Triton's helm are Jon Lang, former head brewer at Barley Island Brewing Company; Mike DeWeese, a longtime veteran of Indianapolis' craft beer scene; and David Waldman. Triton's name--borrowed from the name of  Greek sea god Poseidon's son--stems from the brewery's emphasis on water quality. Indeed, Triton uses a reverse osmosis filtration system to ensure the highest quality water for its beers. Pints and growlers are available at the brewery, along with local and regional beers from the brewery's guest taps. Drinkers won't be disappointed by Triton's Rail Splitter IPA or Deadeye Stout.
Fort Benjamin Harrison
5764 Wheeler Rd.

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28 January 2012

Flat12 Winterfest Tap List

We just heard from Josh Hambright, brewer at Flat12 Biewerks, who sent us the brewery's taplist for today. According to Josh, Flat12 will not schedule the tappings. Rather, they'll just tap what they feel like drinking at the time.

Here's the taplist in no particular order.

Half Cycle
Cherry Milk Stout
Moustache Ride
Moustache Rides Again
BA Nunmoere Black
Coconut Porter
1/2 Cycle Reserve
Grandpa's Glazed Ham
Barrel Jack
Walkabout Pale Ale
Apple Bottom Blonde
Fruitcake IPA
BBD68 (Big Black Dog - American Rye Stout)
Winter Cycle
Winter Cyclo (Belgian Double IPA)
Super Bravo 46
Passion Fruit Walkabout
Flateua Du Dorman (Blackberry Porter)
Kiwi^2 (Kiwi Kiwi Hefe)

We hope everyone enjoys the festival today!

27 January 2012

Random Beer Roundup - The Winterfest Edition

Hoosier Beer Calendar
Events are subject to change

From the Brewers
From Clay at Sun King Brewing Co. in Indianapolis:
Super Bowl is here and our 11 day Tent Party that we've dubbed: The Local Underground is in full effect! Our 4,000 square foot temperature controlled structure is hosting the Big Green Bistro with our brand new draft trailer for pouring Fresh•Local•Beer and some of Indy and the surrounding area's best bands! We have created this as a place for locals to enjoy some of the festivities surrounding the big game, as well as an experience where visitors can get a true taste of Indy. 
 The Local Underground is open from 11 a.m.. to 10 p.m. Friday, January 27th through Saturday, February 4th and we'll be serving up Brunch on Sunday January, 29th and February 5th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. We'll be pouring Java Mac and plus featuring the Sunny Mary and Pale Mary with Hoosier Mama's Bloody Mary Mix.
Chef JJ is putting together an incredible menu so make plans to join us for lunch, dinner, brunch or just stop by for a good time and some Fresh•Local•Beer...
Live Music Schedule: 
Friday  1/27   $5 Cover starting at 5pm
Stereo Deluxe 6:30pm - 9:30pm 
Saturday 1/28   $5 Cover starting at 5pm
Woodstove Flap Jacks 6:30pm - 9:30pm 
Wednesday  2/1 $5 Cover starting at 5pm
Neon Love Life 6:30pm - 9:30pm 
Thursday  2/2 $10 Cover starting at 5pm
Left Lane Cruiser 6:30pm - 9:30pm 
Friday  2/3  $10 Cover starting at 5pm
Goliathon 6:30pm - 9:30pm 
Saturday  2/4 $10 Cover starting at 5pm
Oreo Jones 6:30pm - 9:30pm

From Ryan at Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co. in Broad Ripple, Indianapolis:
Come into Broadripple and enjoy all of the Big Game Festivities with Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company! Stop by and enjoy a beer before you head down the street to watch the concerts and take part in the fun and then grab one to go and take it down the street with you. We will be serving all of our amazing beers plus our current seasonal the Lombardi’s Super Baltic Porter all week long!

From Mike at Triton Brewing Co. in Lawrence:

Triton has 3 specialties on tap currently: Sin Bin Ale, Muletide Raspberry Bourbon Stout and Sweet Georgia Brown. Those will be tapped at Winterfest Saturday. Look for our schedule at the event.

Guest Taps:

Stone 11-11-11
Founders Dirty Bastard
Rogue Hazelnut Brown
Alltech Kentucky Bourbon Ale
Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard
Bells' Sparkling Ale
Upland Winter Warmer

From Lindsay at Upland Brewing Co. in Bloomington/Indianapolis:
We're hiring a brewer! :) 

At Bars and Restaurants
From Jordan at Beer Sellar in Castleton:
It’s almost here: Our Super Bell's Party Wed. Feb. 1st. Party starts at 5pm. Black Note and the firkin will be tapped at 6pm. Live music is at 6 as well.
Best Brown
Black Note
Double Cream Stout
Expo Stout
Golden Rye
Harry Mag Spiced Stout
Hell Hath No Fury Ale
Java Stout
Kalamazoo Stout
Lager of the Lakes
Quinannan Falls
Raspberry Ale
Third Coast Beer
Rye Stout
Two Hearted
Winter White
The firkin will be HOPSLAM
We also will have a small amount of Oracle and 25th Anniversary bottles.
Friday the 3rd we are having a Sixpoint Brewing welcome party. Beers on tap will be
The Crisp
Righteous Ale
Bengali Tiger
Sweet Action
7th Anniversary Ale
Belgian IPA
Gorilla Warfare
Our current tap list includes as of 1/25/12
Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye
Great Divide Oaked Aged Yeti
Bell's Hopslam
Three Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf
Three Floyds Gumball Head
Kasteel Rouge
Brooklyn The Companion
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout
Rogue Double Chocolate Stout
Bell's Sparkling Ale
Duvel Single
Sun King Wee Muckle 
New Bottles
Goose Island BCBS
Goose Island King Henry
Founders Imperial Stout
Sun King Osiris Cans
Sam Adams The Vixen
Stone Vertical Epic 11.11.11

Upcoming Drafts coming NEXT WEEK 1/30/12-2/6/12
Bouder Mojo Risen on Nitro
Stone Vertical Epic 11.11.11
Stone Sublimely Self Righteous
Founders Breakfast Stout
Founders Double Trouble
Founders Imperial Stout
Great Divide Hibernation Ale
New Belgium Fresh Hop IPA
New Belgium Prickly Passion Saison
Three Floyds Behemoth
Triton Sweet Georgia Brown
Harpoon Leviathan IPA
Flat 12 Walkabout Pale Ale
Sun King Zaius Oatmeal Stout
Fountain Square Count Nibula Chocolate Stout
Brooklyn Blast
Dark Horse Scotty Karate
Rogue Chateau Orgasmic Ale
Three Floyds Dreadnaught
Victory Storm King Stout
Goose Island Pere Jacques
Between Winterfest and Sunday's Game these beers will be put on, Stay tuned to our twitter,facebook and BeerMenus to check for updates.

From Patrick at Patrick's Kitchen in Zionsville:

Sun King Sunlight Cream Ale Pint 5.00
Bell’s HopSlam  8oz 5.25  12oz 7.50
Boulder’s Hazed and Infused IPA  Pint 5.25
Schmaltz Brewing Lenny’s Rye IPA  12oz 7.00 10%abv (almost gone)
Two Brother’s Resistance IPA Pint 5.25
Boulder Cold Hop British Style Ale Pint 5.00 6.3%abv.
Two Brother’s Heavy Handed IPA 12oz 5.25
People’s Brewing Mr. Brown Pint 5.25 ( a higher than normal abv. hoppy brown)
North Coast Pranqster -  A big and tasty Belgian Style Golden Ale 12oz 7.5% abv.
New Albanian Yakima Red IPA  Pint 5.75 7.5% abv.
From Eddie at Sahm's Place in Indianapolis:
Tuesday Night Trivia will be hosted by Bier Brewery on January 31st with 5 tap handles. Bier Brewery is located on 65th and Binford and produces some "Awesomeness" for everyone to taste! Darren, Jerry, and Corbin will be giving us some of the best product for everyone to see what they have to offer.

We have just added a new dart board are with real cork, offical distances, and tournaments. We stay open until 1am for our double dollar menu with all sliders, tacos, toastadas, and snacks at $2 a piece.

This week we will be adding a few new beers to our lineup including Sun King Malus Pi, Flat12 walkabout pale ale, Three Floyds Robert the Bruce, and Bier Brewery seasonal brew.

Weekly craft specials:
Monday- $4.50 imperial craft pints
Tuesday- $3.00 pints of Tuesday Night Trivia Sponsor
Wednesday- $2.50 craft draft
Thursday- $3.50 craft pints
Friday- $13.00 craft pitchers 

From Ryan at Scotty's Brewhouse in Various Locations:

Scotty’s Brewhouse Downtown is going to be rocking out for the Big Game! We are celebrating right with a huge heated tent over our patio. We have a whole list of great things going during the week. The Nick & Artie Show will be broadcasting live Monday thru Friday 10am to 1pm next week. We will also have Free Tweetup with Peter King from Sports Illustrated on Tuesday evening at 5:30pm in our tent.

Then join us on Friday morning for the live Broadcast of the Smiley Morning Show! We will be opening at 7am for Eggs & Kegs with Smiley! Our full breakfast menu will be available and will be handing out free shirts for the first 50 guest.

Scotty’s Brewhouse Bloomington now has Bluegrass Brewing Company’s Bourbon Barrel Stout on tap! You can get this delicious beer every Thursday night for $3.50 a pint!

Scotty’s Brewhouse West Lafayette is now pouring People’s Brewing Company’s Mr. Brown on Nitro! Come on by on Wednesday evening and enjoy this awesome Brown for only $9.00 for a 48oz pitcher!

Scotty’s Burger Joint in Columbus now has Triton Brewing Company’s Magnificent Amber on tap! Come by on Tuesday and enjoy a 48oz pitcher for only $5.00!!
For Carry-out
From Todd at Keg Liquors in Clarksville/New Albany:
Here is the latest from Keg Liquors:
Jolly Pumpkin - Calabaza Blanca (Michigan)
Jolly Pumpkin - Oro de Calabaza (Michigan)
Jolly Pumpkin - Fuego del Otono (Michigan)
De Proef - Flemish Primitive #4 (Pinhead) (Belgium)
De' Proef - K-O Blonde (Belgium)
Spezial - Rauchbier (Germany)
Kulmbacher - Monchshof Kellerbrau (Germany)
New Albanian - Bonfire of the Valkyries (Indiana)
Pretty Things - Babayaga (Massachusetts)
Three Floyds Mikkeller - Boogoop (Denmark)
Xbeeriment - #44 Smoked Stout (Barack) (Denmark)
De Molen - Bommen & Granaten (Netherlands)
De Molen - Bed & Breakfast (Netherlands)
Finchs Beer Company - Cut Throat Pale Ale (Illinois)
Finchs Beer Company - Golden Wing Blonde Ale (Illinois)

From Josh at Payless Liquors on SR135 in Greenwood:
New Beers in stock-
Jolly Pumpkin =
Bam Biere
Bam Noire
Calabaza Blanca
Oro de Calabaza
Fuego Del Otono
Weizen Bam
Noel de Calabaza 
Saint Somewhere Lectio Devina, Pays du Soleil & Athene
Mikkeller/Three Floyds BooGoop
High & Mighty Beer of the Gods
Pretty Things Babayaga
Sixpoint Crisp, Bengali Tiger, Sweet Action & Righteous
Finch's Golden Wing & Cut Throat
Boulevard Chocolate ale

26 January 2012

Winterfest 2012 Preview Map

Look what else I just found...  it's a map for this year's Winterfest!  You'll notice that there are more breweries listed in the previous post than are on this map.  I believe the list is more up-to-date than the map, so use the list as a brewery reference and the map as a general sense of layout.  And if your next question is "Will there be a program" the answer is yes and it will include the map.  Although I didn't make it so I don't have a copy of it to share with you.  Of course if I can dig one up between now and Saturday, you guys will be the first to know.

Winterfest Brewery Line-up

As you may have heard, we aren't organizing Winterfest this year.  But that's not to say that we don't still have our connections!  The date is drawing close and many of you have been wondering which breweries will be present.  The following list may not be 100% complete, but it should be pretty representative of the festival.  Enjoy and remember to thank our volunteer crew for their hard work on Saturday!

Against The Grain Brewery (Louisville, KY)
Back Road Brewery (LaPorte, IN)
Barley Island Brewing Company (Noblesville, IN)
Bell’s Brewery, Inc. (Kalamazoo, MI)
Bier Brewery & Taproom (Indianapolis, IN)
Big Woods (Nashville, IN)
Black Swan Brewpub (Plainfield, IN)
Bloomington Brewing Co (Bloomington, IN)
Bluegrass Brewing Co. (Louisville, KY)
Bluegrass Brewing Production Brewery (Louisville, KY)
Breckenridge Brewery (Breckenridge, CO)
Broad Ripple Brewpub (Indianapolis, IN)
Brugge Brasserie (Indianapolis, IN)
Bulldog Brewing Co (Whiting, IN)
Crown Brewing (Crown Point, IN)
Cutters (Bloomington, IN)
Das Big Dawg Brewhaus (Richmond, IN)
Falls City Brewing Co (Louisville, IN)
Figure 8 Brewing Co (Valparaiso, IN)
Finch’s Beer Co (Chicago, IL)
Flat 12 Bierwerks (Indianapolis, IN)
Founders Brewing Co. (Grand Rapids, MI)
Fountain Square Brewing (Indianapolis, IN)
Four Horsemen Brewing Company (South Bend, IN)
Half Moon (Kokomo, IN)
Harpoon Brewing (Boston, MA)
Kentucky Ale (Lexington, KY)
Lafayette Brewing (Lafayette, IN)
Mad Anthony’s (Fort Wayne, IN)
Magic Hat (South Burlington, VT)
Main Street Brewing at Turoni's Pizza (Evansville, IN)
Napa Smith Brewery (Napa, CA)
New Albanian Brewing Company (New Albany, IN)
New Belgium Brewing Company (Fort Collins, CO)
New Day Meadery (Indianapolis, IN)
North Coast Brewing Co. (Fort Bragg, CA)
Oaken Barrel Brewing Company (Greenwood, IN)
People's Brewing Co (Lafayette, IN)
Power House Brewing Co. (Columbus, IN)
Pyramid Brewing Co. (Seattle, WA)
RAM Restaurant and Brewery (Indianapolis, IN)
Rivertown Brewing Co. (Cincinnati, OH)
Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery (Indianapolis, IN)
Samuel Adams, Boston Beer Co. (Boston, MA)
Schlafly Beer (St. Louis, MO)
Shoreline Brewery & Restaurant (Michigan City, IN)
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company (Chico, CA)
Stone Brewing Co (Escondido, CA)
Sun King Brewing Company (Indianapolis, IN)
Three Floyds Brewing Co. (Munster, IN)
Thr3e Wise Men Brewery (Indianapolis, IN)
Three Pints Brewing (Plainfield, IN)
Triton Brewing Company (Indianapolis, IN)
Upland (Bloomington, IN)
Victory (Downingtown, PA)

And a few breweries you'll find in the Malt Shoppe...

Abita Brewing Company (Louisiana)
Brooklyn Brewery (New York)
Dark Horse Brewery (Michigan)
Dogfish Head (Deleware)
Flying Dog (Maryland)
Ommegang (New York)
Rivertown (Ohio)
Rogue Ales (Oregon)

Although I guess it doesn't really matter if you were on the fence about the festival, as tickets have been sold out for weeks.  At least now you can be reassured that there will be a ton of great beer!

Indianapolis Breweries by IndyGo Bus (and a Guide to Super Bowl XLVI)

So there you are, shuttled on the IndyGo Green Line from Indianapolis International Airport directly to the doorstep of your downtown hotel and from there into the warm confines of your room.  All that travel has you craving a beer.  A local beer.  But the company you work for is a bunch of cheapskates and you have NO CAR.

First things, first: you're in downtown Indianapolis and you're a hop skip and a jump away from a local beer just about anywhere!  For tips on where to go, take a look at Hoosier Beer Geek's Guide to Downtown.  Within easy walking distance of downtown hotels there are a pair of brewpubs and virtually every bar and restaurant has some craft beer to offer you.

But say you've been to Indy before or you're here for Super Bowl XLVI and have already been knocking around downtown for a few days.  You're itching for something new.....again, though, you have NO CAR.

My friend, you need to get on the bus.  For the low, low price of $4, you can buy an all-day pass of unlimited boardings on IndyGo buses to go galavant around the city.  For a trip with a plethora of interesting beer stops, we highly recommend the #17 bus.  This bus route begins downtown at Ohio St. and Meridian St. and winds along restaurant and bar hotspots such as Mass Ave., College Ave. and Broad Ripple Ave. (click the links for more detailed info about beer destinations on this route).  Take a look below for all the information you'll need on your bar-hopping bus trip plus some additional information specific to bus transportation during Super Bowl XLVI.



As a special incentive to encourage using public transportation during the Super Bowl XLVI festivities, ALL IndyGo bus boardings will be free Thursday, February 2 through Sunday, February 5th (airport Green Line excluded).  In addition, a special bus line will operate during Super Bowl XLVI that circulates between downtown, Mass Ave and Fountain Square.  Monarch Beverage and World Class Beer will sponsor the bus, with service times and stop information available below:
Mass Ave will have FREE shuttle service Feb. 2 - 4 from 11 a.m. - 1 a.m.  Shuttle stops can be found on Mass Ave: 300 block near Alabama/Vermont intersection; 600 block near Dean Johnson & 800 block near IPS bus entrance. Additional stops are Indianapolis City Market, Indiana Government Center, Fletcher Place and Fountain Square.  Shuttles will run along Mass Ave to the Indianapolis City Market, through Downtown, to Fountain square and back to Mass Ave. Shuttles can accommodate 25 passengers and will have on-board concierges at all times.
We'd love to see a bus route like this become permanent (even just Fri/Sat service would be great) but we'll certainly take advantage during the brief time that it's available.  Get on board and enjoy all the independent bars and restaurants outside the core of downtown!


For the adventurous types with some time to kill, these far-flung breweries and brewpubs can also be reached from downtown on the following bus lines:


25 January 2012

Unsung Heroes of Indiana Craft Beer - Miscellaneous Session Beers

On January 28, the Brewers of Indiana Guild will stage the fourth annual Winterfest, which will of course feature offerings from Indiana's craft breweries. In honor of Winterfest, we've decided to focus most of our posts this month on Indiana beers.

As part of this focus, we thought it would be a good idea to shine the spotlight on Indiana beers that are overlooked or underrated--the unsung heroes of Indiana craft beer, if you will.

Admittedly, our methods in picking these beers were not scientific. Indeed, some of the beers that we'll talk about have won awards, so calling these beers "unsung heroes" might be a bit of a stretch. Moreover, our list is going to focus on only one beer from each Indiana brewery we discuss, and we may have omitted breweries who brew beers worthy of unsung hero status. So leave us a comment noting any beer that you think should have been included in the list.

In our last installment of this series, we reveal our picks from Indiana's session beers of miscellaneous styles.

Brugge Brasserie White. In our opinion, there's nothing quite like a well-crafted Belgian witbier. Brugge Brasserie's White exemplifies the style, with its melding of citrus tartness and coriander spiciness. We wish the brewery would have this beer on more often, particularly during the summer months when the heat calls for a crisp, thirst-quenching beer. Forget Hoegaarden--Hoosiers have Brugge White.

Lafayette Brewing Tippecanoe Common Ale. If you're looking for a hoppy session beer, Lafayette Brewing's Tippecanoe Common Ale should be high on your list of Indiana beers. We reviewed this flagship brew when we visited the brewery a few years ago. In short, we were quite impressed:
"The Tippecanoe Common Ale is LBC's best selling beer, and it's easy to see why. Hints of grapefruit-like hops are nicely balanced with a tasty caramel back, giving you a hoppy yet complex and extremely sessionable red ale. We all liked this one, and luckily it's bottled, so we were able to bring some home."

"There is a reason why Tippecanoe Common is so popular: it is delicious. This is one of those beers that is well balanced between hops and malts. But it isn't lacking in Amarillo hops, even in the bottle."

New Albanian Community Dark Mild Ale. Not many American breweries are doing an English dark mild ale. Fortunately for Hoosiers, New Albanian is with its medal-winning Community Dark. This is a true session beer, clocking in at 3.7% ABV. What's more, Community Dark does not lack for flavor with its malty chocolate, nut, and molasses notes. Along with Beak's Best, this is one of our go-to beers when we visit the Bank Street Brewhouse. If only NABC sold this beer in bottles.

Unsung Heroes of Indiana Craft Beer - Porters and Stouts
Unsung Heroes of Indiana Craft Beer - Brown Ales
Unsung Heroes of Indiana Craft Beer - Pale Ales & IPAs
Unsung Heroes of Indiana Craft Beer - Lagers