14 July 2008

Indiana Beer Week Bar Hop - Day One - Operation Chaos

Beer #1: Broad Ripple Brew Pub for Replic Ale - 80 Shilling Scottish

I don't know who these people at our table are, but I suspect they'll play a heavy role in our future

Since it is Indiana Beer week, and we're Hoosier Beer Geeks, it only makes sense that we spend the week exploring Indiana beer.

Although the originally scheduled program called for Broad Ripple Brew Pub to be carrying Lafayette's Tippecanoe Common on tap, something went wrong along the way. Luckily the brewpub is also currently carrying the 80 Shilling Scottish - this year's Brewfest Replic Ale. This recipe, put together by Dave and Clay at Ram, is 5.7% ABV, creamy, and.... creamy. A bitter but mild english sort of hop finish rolls out. Nice, but not much going on here - in both the beer and the crowd at the brewpub. Everyone's hanging out on the porch, but we're inside. I guess it's Monday.

Beer #2: Brugge Brasserie for New Albany's Saint Radegund's ESB

A larger and livelier crowd awaits us at Brugge. Despite a full house, we are quickly seated. Although there has been a delay in the opening of Brugge's new upstairs addition, they were able to get something from a guest brewer on tap - a fine brew from Indiana's southern edge. The folks at New Albanian aren't exactly "to style" brewers, but they haven't ever let us down. A nose that resembled wintergreen Skoal in a can led to a full on the tongue, bitter, buttery/apple brew. Chewy but not heavy.

There are those that will tell you that butter notes in a beer are a bad thing - but in this case it just works. This is a 4+ mug beer. Happy customers all around our table.

Although nothing has been to plan, we've had a rewarding evening. Looking forward to the next time around.

Tomorrow Night: Spencer's Stadium Tavern for New Albanian Community Dark


  1. Ah ha! I thought you guys looked familiar at the Brugge last night.

    My friend Daive and I were sitting a few tables over from you guys, bummed that there was no Alpha Naught on tap...

    Might run into you guys again on Thursay at Oaken Barrel. What time are you guys planning on going there?

  2. Oh and it's actually tonight we're going to Oaken Barrel, Thursday is the downtown pub crawl (J Badaboomz, Rock Bottom, Ram and Alcatraz).

  3. I wish this all would've been going down about 7 years ago, when I didn't have a kid and a wife. There's just too much to do and too little time (as usual).

  4. Well gosh darnit!

    I've got to pick up the rents at the airport tonight, but I'll see if I can swing by OB afterwords.

    If not I'm sure I'll see you guys Friday or Saturday.

  5. OB is family friendly and so is the "bar" crawl on Thursday. Bring the kiddies to Indiana Beer Week?