30 July 2008

Beer Run Photo Diary - New Albany, IN and Louisville, KY

The full set of Knights of the Beer Roundtable hope to make a visit to the breweries and brewpubs of the greater New Albany/Louisville area sometime in the next month. But because two knights are also members of the Circle City Socialites Roller Derby League (as seen in this week's Indy.com - which, for those of you who don't know, is a newspaper), we headed down to Louisville to watch Louisville's Derby City Roller Girls take on Hunstville's Dixie Derby Girls. To make a full day of it, we also made a couple stops.

Heaven very rarely looks like you might expect. The New Albanian/Rich O's/Sportstime Pizza complex

Mikhail, Ronnie, Missiles and Beer: IT'S SPORTSTIME!

The New Albanian sampler

Part of the decor at Rich O's (next to Sportstime)

A very impressive and atypical selection of lambics

Cozy surroundings and amazing beer make for an inviting experience

From the beer list: Low calorie "light" American lagers were banned from Rich O's Public House on January 1, 1994 and from Sportstime Pizza on November 15, 2002. We tolerate a few fizzy golden industrial megabrews from elsewhere, but only at an outrageous price. Diverse worlds of taste sensations await, but in the end, you must chose to step outside the Bud.

Also on the beer list: Beer list notes: Drinking from an unchilled glass is mandatory, because any container that is "frosted" is suitable only for milkshakes. Lemons and limes are heartily discouraged, but lately I've been thinking that I'll let you ruin the beer (is Corona really beer?) and charge .50 cents more to ease my mental pain. Availability of the beers is subject to our own whimsical efficiency and, more importantly, the iron hand of the legally-mandated, anti-competitive and monopolistic three-tier distribution system. 6% Indiana sales tax is not included in the bottle prices. Carry-out prices are lower."

An Italian craft beer sampler (who knew?)

BBC's very easy to spot Brewpub

The BBC Brewing beer list: Amber Waves of Pain, Rock Out with your BOCK Out, Riley's Rye, Summer Wheat, ALT Beer, American Pale Ale, Dark Star Porter, Jefferson Reserve Stout, Nut Brown Ale, Frambozen, and Raspberry Meade

A view of the bar

The Jefferson Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout

BBC's expansive collection of awards


  1. That is really awesome. I can't wait to make it down there in the near future.

  2. BBC was a little underwhelming after the whole New Albanian thing - and our second bartender (we went back for a nightcap) at New Albanian told us that BBC has a different brewer for their in house stuff vs their bottled stuff. That just confirmed what seemed like a noticeable difference.

    Anyway... I'm ready to go back.

  3. I hear that now for BBC you should go to the downtown location rather than the older location shown in the photograph.

  4. thanks for the heads up, anonymous - we'll keep that in mind on our next trip down.

  5. The BBC brewery that does the bottling is located on the corner of Clay and Main Street in downtown Louisville. They have a tap room that is open from 4:00 pm til 11:00 pm.

  6. Did you see the NABC "These machines kill facists" t-shirts? Best brewery shirts I have seen in a long time...

    Rich O's is possibly my favorite beer bar in the whole country. There, I said it. Take that Brickskellar and The Map Room!

  7. yeah i wasn't particularly impressed with brickskeller... haven't been to map room yet. too many cubs fans in chicago.