07 July 2008

Indiana Brewers Dinner to Benefit Red Cross for Indiana Flood Relief

As part of Indiana Beer Week, the Brewers of Indiana Guild are throwing a VIP Brewmaster's Dinner with chef Greg Hardesty on Friday, July 18th from 6 to 9pm. Having been to a few beer dinners before, and having heard the fantastic reputation of Chef Hardesty, I can't recommend attending enough. Tickets are $75, and available at Broad Ripple Brewpub and Brugge Brasserie.

Here are a few more details on the dinner from Ted at Brugge:
Dig this menu from Greg. Let's get the word out fast. This gig is 2 weeks away and we have a few tickets to sell. Like 200 @ $75 a pop. Remember, the profits will be donated to the Red Cross for Indiana Flood Relief and that donation should be in the neighborhood of $9,000 which is a decent neighborhood. Thanks to Kevin Matalucci for that fantastic idea. I'll do whatever I can, but I need your help people. Still working on pairings, but rest assured they will be very fun and appropriate.


Salad of Indiana tomatoes and sweet corn with basil vinaigrette
Wasabi scented fingerling potatoes with wilted Asian "slaw" greens
Seven bean summer ragout with applewood smoked bacon
Grilled Fischer Farms beef sirloin with mocha ancho chili glaze
Grilled Fischer Farms pork loin with spicy salsa verde
Bittersweet chocolate fudge cake
Barley wine panna cotta with marron glacé

Ted Miller
Brugge Brasserie

The original version of this post was filled with errors. I think it's correct now.


  1. I'm pissed that I won't be able to hit this dinner. Chef Hardesty is incredible.

    200 people? That's a bold goal, but I guess tying it to the Microbrewer's Festival is pretty powerful advertising.

  2. From the email:

    Is this menu meant to be a 7-course pairing or something like a 4-course pairing with options for the courses? I imagine you don't have the answers but can you forward this to someone who does?

    - Rodney

    And the reply:

    no options
    eat/drink all you want over the 3 hours
    It's a steal!

    Ted Miller

  3. As But wait it gets better, more details from Ted:

    Mucha cerveza including a vintage 1997 barrel aged chelada just for you

    Kidding of course, but there are going to be some fine ales at this thing.

    I know:


    Fantabulous Resplendence 11th Anniversary from the boys up north

    1997 Vintage Big Boris Barleywine - Lafayette BC
    Aged in oak wine casks from the Oliver Winery. Full-bodied with big, bold flavors including ripe fruit and vanilla.

    2007 Anklebiter from BRBP

    Bloomington Hefe

    Some Brugge beer depending on what holes need to be filled

    Ted Miller

  4. Anyone have tickets yet? We're planning on picking ours up sometime this week.

  5. I think we are getting ours this weekend.