22 July 2008

Indiana Beer Week - Day Six - Get Out Your Cargo Shorts! It's the Indiana Microbrewer's Festival 2008 Recap - Mike's Edition

Does anyone remember what grown men wore for shorts before the cargo short? Jean shorts? Well, before jean shorts, then. There had to be a time before when we didn't all wear the same thing. What did we wear?

The reason I ask is because I suspect that we may have once went without any sort of shorts at all. And we certainly didn't wear pants in weather like Saturday's. That's why I want to be the first to (re)introduce the idea of a pantless/shortless Indiana Microbrewer's Festival next year.

Someone (I think Mat from Cavalier Distributing) pointed out that there are actually women at these events now - which we can all appreciate, right? So of course the ladies are also welcome to join us in the bottomless at next year's revised event. Maybe we'll get one of those foam machines. I'll get the Brewers of Indiana Guild on the phone.

Ted! Hey, Mike here. I've got a fix for the large crowds. Yeah! Of course you don't have to pay me for the idea! No! I couldn't possibly accept free beer from Brugge for life. We don't even have to limit tickets! It's better than that!

Crowd Control

That's enough brilliant ideas for today.

* * * * *

The new folks have a lot of good things to say, so I'll keep it short from here.

My Personal Highlights:

1) Brugge has bottles! And boxes! Empty bottles and boxes, but at least they're pretty.

Not Pictured: Actual Beer

2) Founders knows us!
3) Firkin firkin firkin.
4) Dark Lord! Although I'm not the hugest fan, there's really nothing that comes close. And when you're in the mood, there's nothing better.
5) Backwoods Bastard. Founder's Aged on something Dirty Bastard was an early highlight.
6) Schlafly India Brown and Schlafly husband and wife team Brennan and Natasha (right?)
7) Kentucky Breakfast Stout

After the week we had, Saturday really was a blur. I'd be remiss if I forgot to thank all our friends at Brass Monkey, Cavalier Distributing, Brugge, Oaken Barrel, Schlafly, World Class, Jeffery T and Bonus Beer Bob at Good Beer Show, Founders, and (in particular) Lincoln at Three Floyds who put up with me insisting that I had had an email interview with his brother*.

The Good Beer Show's Bonus Beer Bob and Jeffery T. with a lovely young lady from Bell's whose name I misplaced.

* * * * *

*They are not brothers. Or even relatives, I'd guess.


  1. Veronica, Bell's Indiana Rep.

  2. Ya know, there's just no pleasing you Geeks.
    For months, you've been begging for Brugge bottles. Months, I tell ya.
    So we went out and scrounged up a few bottles to show at the IMBF and what do we hear from you?
    Nothing but grief. Grief, I tell ya!.
    After all your grumbling, we bring bottles and does that satisfy you guys?
    Ohhhhhhhhhh, nooooooooooo.
    You want them filled.
    You spoiled, spoiled brats!
    Next thing ya know, you'll be telling us you want to buy our bottles ( filled ) at a store near you.
    Where does it end? Where does it end?


  3. It ends when I can drink all the tripel I want in my house out of a 22 oz bottle (that was bought at my friendly liquor store)...but in all seriousness, the bottles look awesome!

  4. I gotta admit, those Brugge bottles look pimp. Be nice to *cough cough* own a few with a tasty liquid inside. Just saying, I think I'll have a copy of Chinese Democracy in my hands before a bottle of Brugge...

    As far as the festival this year, for me it was kind of a let down. Between the weather, the crowd and the lack of exclusive brews, I ended up cutting out way before 7pm. And by exclusive beers I mean stuff that I don't already have stashed in my cellar (Dark Lord, Backwards Bastard, KBS, etc...).

    Brass Monkey and New Albanian really impressed me. I'll be making my way to both breweries here in the next month. Founder's Dumbohead was quite awesome since Gumballhead is one of my favorite brews.

    If I attend next year, I'm going to plan on bringing a comfy chair and hiring a poor college kid to run around and bring me back samples... Now that'd be sweet.

  5. Did they bottle Backwoods Bastard? It was completely new to me...

    I guess so. Do you know if that was a limited release beer, Scott? When and where'd you get yours? I'd like to track some down if possible.

    I like your plan - but if I were you I'd tweak it a bit and hire a poor team of college girls. Maybe this one or perhaps this one (work safe).

  6. Jesus Christ, Charlie, you're marketing campaign is going a little over the top. I mean I know you need to build anticipation and all that crap, but how long can you keep giving a man a two Tripel limit without letting him bring it home?!? Are you trying to encourage drinking and driving??? Because you know I can't even find my damn car sometimes . . .

    Sorry I missed the event this year! Goddamned one year olds and their stinking birthday parties where their dad's only serving freakin' Bud Select!!! I was about to take my damn gift back!

  7. Mike -- I actually tried to order Backwoods Bastard from Kahn's online ordering system a couple months back. They claimed that there was a computer error and there wasn't any available. It still shows up as available online. I'm thinking they got something like a single case and it was split among the employees before any hit the shelves.

  8. Mike,

    I was able to nab a 4-pack of Backwoods Bastard at Parti-Pak last year. They only got a HALF-CASE, which seemed to be the standard around town for some reason (Sprinkle confirmed this, because that's all he got as well). I think it was released in Sept/October last year, so hopefully we'll get more shipped to Indy this year.

    My friend also nabbed a 4-pack, but didn't care for it, so I obtained his other bottles. Maybe next HBG function I'll bring a few bottles and you can swap me something for them...