15 July 2008

Indiana Beer Week Bar Hop - Day Two -The Saga Continues

In honor of Indiana Beer week, we continued our week-long adventure in beer at Spencer's Stadium Tavern, with New Albanian's Community Dark.

For the second night in a row, it was almost the beer review that wasn't - when arriving at Spencer's, the advertised beer was nowhere to be found. Luckily, we've got a friend in bartender Dustin, who - once realizing we we're rolling with a ten-deep posse - quickly cleaned his lines and moved the New Albanian brew to one of the seven taps.

About those taps: NA Community Dark, two Three Floyds, BBC one-batch Dank IPA, Wabash Gangster Pale (better on tap), Oaken Barrel Superfly... and Old Style. A very nice and very Indiana-heavy selection - just the sort of thing we like to see on Indiana Beer week.

About the New Albanian Community Dark: A deep dark red brew (at least in this lighting), with a creamy Guinness-like body. I got notes of applesauce, black tea, a hint of malt... I thought this was probably what a Strongbow/Guinness cocktail would taste like. No one at the table agreed with me. For the second night in a row, someone said "olive" when drinking a New Albanian brew. We all thought it would be interesting to taste this one off a nitro tap.

A warning to bars and brewpubs - if you advertise a beer week event, we might just show up.

Tomorrow Night: Berliner Weise (and a very excited HBG crew) at Oaken Barrel

* * * * *

Additional Notes: Although it wasn't on Monday Night, Three Floyd's Alpha Naught is now on at Brugge, according to Beer Advocate. Save some for us - we won't be back up there until Friday.

And if you're wondering about the story behind the name of the St. Radegund we had Monday, Roger Baylor's blog has the story. Is it an ESB? Well, not exactly.


  1. I still maintain it reminds me of Purplesaurus Rex except in malty beer format.

  2. Had this on Thursday night with the Drinking Liberally: Indy crew and it was pretty much unanimously well liked.

    I'm REALLY hoping he still has some of that keg left tonight for DL.

  3. well xtrarant, you better get there early!

    Just kidding...or am I?

  4. For my sake, I hope there's still some left since I didn't get any last week.