20 July 2008

Indiana Beer Week - Day Five - VIP Brewmaster's Dinner at Opti Park

If you missed the Brewers of Indiana Guild's VIP* Brewmaster's Dinner, here's a few photos of what you missed out on.

Half Moon's Honey Rye and Lafayette's Tippecanoe Common

Three Floyds/Mikkeller Hvedegoop (previously available only at DarkLord Day - but on tap for the dinner) and New Albanian's Thunderfoot

A full all-you-could-eat spread from Chef Greg Hardesty featuring a salad with the best tasting tomatoes that ever existed and a brownie Gina called "the best I have ever eaten"

A 1997 vintage Big Boris Barleywine from Lafayette

Brugge Beer's 2008 Diamond Kings of Heaven (a beer Ted thinks may be his best effort yet)

As the night wore on and darkness settled upon the crowd, a pourer's license was a good thing to have. As Hans (previously of Hot Shotz, now working on something new) and the rest of us poured glass after glass of Diamond Kings for ourselves, we knew we were in a pretty good place. At least until we blew the keg.

* * * * *

*VIP means "As a guest, I paid $75. And as a fan of beer, I got my money's worth."


  1. I must say the steak with the ancho sauce was also delicious, and the pork, oh and the beer.

    Also the VIP dinner made people camp out on our porch - it must have been good. :)

  2. I ran into Hans at the Microbrew fest and he said he was going to a place called Adobo (sp?). I never really did get a sense of what that means for the future of Hot Shotz though.. any insight? I am hoping the remaining owners are still planning on carrying on but I am getting a little concerned now. :-(

  3. That's really interesting news Erik. That must be Adobo Grill on the northside. They're also planning to open a location in downtown later this summer. If Hans has a hand in the beer selection at Adobo, I may be in there a LOT.

    A commenter over at Feed Me/Drink Me had this to say last week:

    "Adobo will be opening in late August/early September, and they will be closing the Castleton location and changing it over to their gastropub concept Pikk's."

    That's from an anonymous commenter and is obviously unconfirmed, but my guess is that Hans may be working for Pikk's in the future.

  4. Hans made it known to us that he has left behind Hot Shotz completely - he also wanted to make sure that the public is completely aware of that.

    He's working at Crown Liquors for a while until the Pikk's thing that Chris mentioned gets up and running, at which point Hans will be their beer guy/bartender whatchamacallit.

    Maybe it was just the vibe I got, but Hans did not seem to be optimistic about the future of Hot Shotz.

  5. The plot thickens with all that info. Makes me wonder what happens to anyone that donated to the Hot Shotz rebuilding fund. I really hope it re-opens but it seems like that place has been through a lot this year. Not to mention I never once went in there and saw an appreciable crowd. Regardless I am glad to hear Hans will still be serving Indy well in the near future.