07 July 2008

Reader Submission | Eric Vermilion Visits a Couple of St. Louis' Brewpubs

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Today's reader submission comes from Eric Vermilion, who apparently just visited baseball heaven.

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I visited Morgan St. Brewery on the landing near the Arch in St. Louis this weekend. The good news was that the food was good. The bad news was the beer... all of it. I had the stout. Overly bitter and astringent. Coffee was the only pleasant taste and was overpowered by poor brewing technique. 1.5 out of 5. The Hefeweizen was lacking in banana and clove. Watery and maybe too young in the aging process to serve... didn't think that possible. 1.5 out of 5. It was at least drinkable, but don't expect much.

Last night we visited Schlafly's. Overall a great experience. I had the sampler and the seasonal. The sample has a hefe, pilsner, pale ale, american pale ale, 15th anniversary beer and the seasonal Raspberry hefe. All were drinkable to very drinkable. The 15th Annv. ale was a belgium brown with a farmhouse yeast and spicy finish. A darning beer that works on many levels. I don't care for spice taste in beer... but this was a good beer. 4 out of 5. Best for last. I like a good hefe... that is what I know the best because that is what I brew most often. The Raspberry Hefe should win awards. Heavy mix of banana with the slight draw of the raspberry. The balance was great without any noticeable hops. The palate was filled with pleasant tastes that rarely can be coaxed out of a beer. I looked around the outdoor pavillion and with the noticeable pink hue I could tell that no less than 90% of the glasses on the tables were the Schlafly's Raspberry Hefe.


Eric Vermilion

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Thanks again to Eric. And for those readers that are considering a visit to St. Louis in the future, don't forget StlHops.com, a site with a rapidly growing readership that parallels and often outshines what we do here at Hoosier Beer Geek.

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