29 July 2008

Hey RSS and Regular Ol' Internet Readers!

If you got the email invite earlier today, sorry for the double. But feel free to answer the attendance poll in the far right column on the site.

Earlier today we sent out email invites for our second anniversary roundtable to a list of email subscribers, media hot shots, political leaders, oil barons, professional athletes, and movers and shakers. We're hoping the email subscribers show up.

If you haven't visited the actual site lately, not only are you missing Elmo - but you may have missed out on twelve event posters advertising the event. Including this one:

We don't want our RSS or internet readers to feel left out - we definitely want to see you too.

The beer: Ted has brought in New Albanian's Mt. Lee. Ted's got a tiny bit of Diamond Kings of Heaven 2008, but we can't make any promises there. You'll find the regular selection of Brugge beer. We've got a few taps to work with. To be honest, we're still working on the highly debated beer list, so expect some other treats as well.

The attitude (or lack thereof): As you probably know, our roundtables are not formal at all. We show up, we drink, and we talk about beer. And football. And that other football (soccer). And John Hughes' movies. And jazz great Grover Washington, Jr. But usually, you can bet on us talking about beer. This roundtable will be even less formal, as we have invited everybody and their grandmother to this shindig.

Other stuff: In addition to drinking great beer, socializing, and doing drawings for prizes (like a bottle of Dark Lord 2008, and some Pannepot), we'll be introducing the newest four Knights of the Beer Round Table: New Chris, the Other Matt, Rod, and Jess. So come out and meet the latest and greatest in our growing beer geek kingdom.

Brugge Brasserie is located at 1011a East Westfield Blvd in Indianapolis. Admission is free (food/drink are not included.. sorry, but we're poor geeks). Action at 8pm.

We hope to see you there!

Jason, Jim, Kelly, Mike, Gina, Matt, New Chris, Other Matt, Rod, and Jess
The Hoosier Beer Geek Knights of the Beer Roundtable

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  1. The page is quite bright now, and it makes me want to say brite ala Rainbow Brite.

    Hello 80's my old friend...