31 July 2008

Random Beer Roundup - Magazines and beer news

This week's Indy.com has a nice article about FBI homebrewer Ron Smith and Homebrewer of the Year, Michael Pearson.

HBG got a mention in the August edition of Indianapolis Monthly - woohoo!

If you're watching your waistline and you wanna torture yourself, there is a book available for download featuring nutritional information for about 1200 beers.

For all you lucky folks living near Louisville, RichO's has some Dogfish Head brews on tap as well as their usual awesomeness. You can read more about that and some new facility information for New Albanian over at Indianabeer.com.

MillerCoors has pulled their test-marketed Miller Lite Brewers Collection for now, even though they note that "consumers who’ve tasted the beers like them." 'Like' is an awfully strong description. Hoosier Beer Geek prefers 'wasn't undrinkable.'

Illinois beer geeks will get Bell's back soon.

English pubs sales are at their lowest level in 75 years.

A funny(but old) article from The Onion about teens and craft beer.

Some Indianapolis events this month:

8/7 - HBG 2nd Anniversary party at Brugge. You ARE coming, right? Have you seen the beer list?

8/15 - B+ART at Big Car Gallery.

8/16 - Symphony on the Prairie, a couple of us will be pouring samples of Abita beer, compliments of World Class Beverages.

8/16 - Beer and Sweat near Cincinnati.

8/22 - 8/31 - Indy Fringe Festival, various beer tastings during the festival.


  1. Ron Smith is a great brewer but this year's Homebrewer of the Year was Michael Pearson. You should correct the first paragraph.

  2. Thanks for the correction anon.

  3. That was totally my fault, sorry about that.