04 July 2008

Audience participation day | What are you drinking on the 4th?

So what's on tap today, readers? What will you be drinking at your barbeques and fireworks extravaganzas?

Here's what's on the beer menu for me today:

He'Brew Rejewvenator
Barley Island Barfly IPA (an underrated beer in my opinion)
Bell's Hopslam (1 lonely bottle left)

My family's Fourth of July cookout last year

Audience participation time...


  1. Hello Jim - hope you're having a lovely holiday.

    After last nights raid of Trenton Illinois' last stash of Schlafly Coffee Stout - and the bar had Radiohead and Underworld on the jukebox! - I'll be settling into a bottle of Victory's Golden Monkey and a sixer of Alpha King that made the trip home with me.

  2. Hey Jim,

    My cooler contains 1 12 oz. bottle each of the following -

    Dogfish Head Aprihop
    Pyramid Apricot Weizen
    Victory Golden Monkey
    Schlafly Hefe
    Schlafly APA
    Bells Sparkling Ale.

    I don't know which ones I will drink, but hopefully they will all be enjoyed by someone.

    Happy 4th!

  3. The Abyss
    Lost Abbey Carnivale
    probably some Three Floyds.

    From one Hebe to the other...

  4. Hey Jeff. L'chaim! Hope you have a good 4th. Off to the in-laws...

  5. Well since all my friends and family are out of town, working or just recently had a baby, I'm pretty much stuck at home today by myself. Oh well, I've got plenty of good movies to watch and good beer to drink!

    In anticipation of Monday's release of Upland's Saison, I'll probably have a Bam Biere and a Saison Dupont. Or maybe a Hennepin or a Rabbid Rabbit. All are in my fridge.

  6. Jim...

    First, love the family photo. That's you on the grill, right? You look good with a full beard.

    I took a bottle of 3 Floyd's Blackheart to try out, but where I was wasn't drinking friendly, so I left it in the cooler. I did drink my last Hopslam tonight, though.