22 October 2007

KOTBR #31 in Review | Wychwood Hobgoblin Ale @ the Chatham Tap

For Roundtable #31, the KOTBR convened court at downtown Indy's newest tribute to Old Blighty, the Chatham Tap, to review Wychwood Brewery's Hobgoblin Ale. We were joined by several of our faithful readers and by beer guru Mat Gerdenich of Cavalier Distributing.

Mike kicked off our reviews with a 2.3 mug rating for the Hobgoblin Ale, noting that it "wasn't a bad beer - it just wasn't a great beer."

Jim was next. Being Mr. Originality, he also gave the Hobgoblin a 2.3 mug rating, finding the beer to be "underwhelming."

Gina, getting into the autumn spirit with her craving for darker beers, entered a 2.75 mug rating for the Hobgoblin. She didn't necessarily dislike this beer, but she "was certainly disappointed by the lack of flavor."

Jason batted clean-up, tying everything together with a nice bit of perspective on English beers. He gave the Hobgoblin a 3.0 mug rating, stating that if he "were in the ChatTap drinking pints and watching soccer, [he'd] order it more than once." He also recounted his past drunken escapades at EPCOT, where he had quite a few beers and abused a donkey.

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  1. Poor Eeyore! No wonder his tail keeps falling off. Jason should be ashamed!