17 October 2007

Roundtable #31 | Wychwood Brewery's Hobgoblin Ale @ the Chatham Tap

We're just getting into the best time of year for beer drinking in my opinion. The leaves are starting to change and they're filling the air with their distinct fall scent. The air, crisp and cool, offers a perfect opportunity to enjoy a porter - my choice for a warm-up at the Chatham Tap. I selected a London Pride Porter* from the abundant list of English style beers the 'Chattap' offers and was pleased by the Porter's malty goodness.

I wasn't quite finished with my beer when we decided to do the review round, Wychwood Brewery's Hobgoblin Ale, but it ended up working out for the best because I found myself going back to the Porter just to get some taste. While I didn't necessarily dislike Hobgoblin Ale, I was certainly disappointed in the lack of flavor. 2.75 Mugs

* - Beer is better than website.


  1. When you say a beer lacks flavor and taste it makes you sound like a Miller Lite commercial. :(

  2. This particular beer is really not far off from that. While it was certainly not flavorless, it was disappointingly bland for a brown ale. Definitely not what I was expecting after reading about the beer at Beer Advocate and Ratebeer.

    The Tap just put Bell's Best Brown Ale on after blowing out their last keg of Oberon. If you're looking for a flavorful brown ale to drink there, choose this one. I had it yesterday while catching a soccer game at the Tap and was impressed. I noticed that a few other patrons switched from Hobgoblin to the Best Brown and were pleased by the switch.

  3. The funny thing about you saying that is that's exactly what I thought as I was writing it.

  4. Hard to go wrong with a beer from Bells.