07 October 2007

Roundtable # 30 - Retro Beer Challenge - Round 1 (Colo/Penn Region)

Knights Jim and Kelly were east bound and down to do the remaining rounds of the Retro Beer Showdown at our place on Saturday afternoon. The winner would be selected from a group of 12 divided into 4 geographical regions. Each of the 4 Knights present poured for a region while one of the others wrote about what everyone said.

Mike poured the beers and I took the notes for the first group which included beers from Pennsylvania and Colorado. The three competing for dominance in this bracket were (in no particular order) Coors, Iron City, and Rolling Rock. While all three were very similar in color, they offered a variety of smells and tastes.

Beer #1 smelled like "the Mel in Daylight", but wasn't necessarily offensive in taste.
Beer #2 didn't have much nose, but the taste was reminiscent of a white wine; a little fruity, and a bit tart.
Beer #3 was odorless, watery and boring. It offered nothing and was unanimously dismissed.

We were also unanimous in order selection for this group:

Rolling Rock (Beer #2) was selected to move to the next round,
Iron City (Beer #1) came in second,
Coors (Beer #3) was last. If only the Bandit knew what he was going after...

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