05 October 2007

Down at Fraggle Rock

Hey, you guys! For regular readers, you know that we sometimes veer a bit off the beer topic path like Rob, Dick & Barry to argue over our Top 5 1980s (insert topic here) lists. Such as the recent poll where it was overwhelmingly decided that The Breakfast Club is not a chick flick - Jason. For those of you that are annoyed by these discussions (when we talk about anything but beer), tough shit - it's our blog. I pity the fool! So I direct us off topic once again, and of course, we go to the 1980s (really, was there a better decade? Top 5 Decades of the 20th Century? : 5. 1970s, 4. 1990s, 3. 1920s, 2. 1960s, 1. 1980s).
If you were ever given in school the unfortunate news of the picture up above, you are definitely a child of the 80s. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you probably weren't. But I stumbled on this site, www.80stees.com, where I found a shirt bearing this bad news and a lot of others that will send us down that sentimental journey over mass email where we talk about what it means to be a Child of the 80s. Just thought some of you fellow Gen X'ers would like to check it out.


  1. Nice one on the High Fidelity check.

    There is waaaaaay too much Hasselhoff merchandise on that website.

  2. I still love my Barry Jive & the Uptown 5 shirt.

  3. By the way... say you're at work and there's absolutely nothing to do, and you want to kill an hour (and some buffalo, rabbits, and deer)...

    Oregon Trail online.