18 October 2007

Brugge Beer update

A message from Charlie Midgley at Brugge Beer:

Brugge Beer Is On The Way

Yes, it seems like 20 years since we told you Brugge Beer was coming. But we have finally received permission to begin brewing our beer at the new facility. As you read this, there are over 1,000 gallons of tasty goodness maturing in our Terre Haute tanks. The first batches of Brugge Black and Brugge White will be ready to be enjoyed on November 1, with our initial offering of Tripel de Ripple right behind.

Because of the limited initial quantities, we have decided to launch in several selected restaurants and bars in both Indianapolis and Terre Haute. On November 1, our new website will have a listing of these establishments. As production increases in December and January, we will begin to bottle all 5 of our Belgian Ales, including our Dubbel and Sacre Fleur Saison. Working with our distribution partner, World Class Beverages, we will be developing a list of liquor stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and bars throughout Indiana which will be carrying our products.

We appreciate your patience. This delay has been as frustrating for us as it has been for you. If you know of any restaurants or bars in your area where our beers should be enjoyed, please let us know.

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