31 October 2007

More Schlafly News for Southern Hoosiers

If those of you near Louisville couldn't make it out, or didn't get your fill of Schlafly at the Schlafly Beer Dinner at L&N Wine Bar and Bistro on Tuesday the 13th of November, they're having another event on Wednesday the 14th:
WHAT: Schlafly Bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout release party

WHEN: Wednesday, November 14th, 2007, 8pm
WHERE: Bearno’s Little Sicily
1318 Bardstown Rd.
Louisville, KY 40204

Louisville, KY – Join the Saint Louis Brewery, brewers of Schlafly Beer, and Bearno's Little Sicily on Bardstown Road as we introduce the 2007 vintage of Schlafly Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout.

This beer is our interpretation of a classic style. Around the time of the Louisiana Purchase, beer was not the mass-produced, light lager that most people consume today. Beer was darker in color, full-flavored, aggressively hopped, and had a high initial gravity. All of these characteristics would have helped the beer to remain fresh during extended periods at warmer temperatures while it was shipped in wooden barrels. If one had been lucky enough to receive a used Bourbon barrel full of Imperial Stout, this is what their happy taste buds would have encountered: roasty, rich, malty Imperial Stout with a strong dose of caramel, oak, and Bourbon character.

The event is Wednesday, November 14th and starts at 8:00 p.m. We will be tasting the 2007 vintage, as well as opening a few bottles of last year's vintage. This will be a unique opportunity for beer fans to taste what a year of bottle aging does to change the complexities of such a beer.

For more information about Bearno’s Little Sicily, go to www.bearnospizza.net. For more information about Schlafly Beer, call 314-241-BEER, or visit www.schlafly.com.
If you happen to make it out to the event, let us know how it goes - we'll be doing our own Knights of the Beer Roundtable comparison of these special edition (this year's and last year's) Schlafly beers in the near future.

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