09 October 2007

Roundtable #30 | Retro Beer Challenge | Round 4 (St. Louis Region)

Two points before I begin--

1. I never again want to drink this much crummy beer in one sitting.

2. This Retro Beer Challenge thing was initially my idea, so I have no one to blame for my suffering but myself.

Round Four featured three beers from St. Louis. As you might imagine, they were all from Anheuser-Busch--Michelob, Budweiser, and Busch. All three had the same color (golden), but there were clear differences in nose and taste.

My fellow knights described Beer 1 as fruity, with a slight "garbagey"/white wine nose. Despite this odd combination, they agreed that the taste was "well-balanced," "crisp," and "agreeable."

Beer 2 had no nose whatsoever. The taste was described as "nothing" at worst to "seltzer water" at best.

Like Beer 2, Beer 3 had no nose. The flavor was described as having a "funky bite," though one of the other knights (I can't recall who) said that this beer reminded him/her of strawberries.

Beer 1--Budweiser--prevailed in this round. All of us except Kelly picked Busch (Beer 2) as our #2 pick, followed by Michelob (Beer 3).

The so-called King of Beers moved on to the semi-finals to take on everyone's choice as the dark horse, Schlitz.

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