05 October 2007

KOTBR #29 In Review - Hoeven Heaven

Roundtable #29 saw all six knights (and Brent) together again for a rare full cast night out. Before meeting up with Chris at Deano's, we stopped in at the downtown Badaboomz location and sampled Konings Hoeven Quadrupple Trappist Ale, a Dutch ale that was a crowd pleaser.

Mike called the beer an enigma and "a nice punch in the brain" before awarding it 4 mugs.

Jim explained the life of a trappist monk before praising their work in awarding the Hoeven with a 5 mug rating.

Jason introduced beer photography to the blog and described Hoeven as a fruit medley of brown sugar, pop rocks, caramel (maybe?) - and then awarded it with 4.5 mugs.

Gina combined her review
with a beer diary entry, and became sad when she realized how quickly her glass was emptying. She gave Konings Hoeven 5 Mugs.

Kelly bemoaned the moving process and decided that Hoeven was good enough to inspire her to "go to the Hop Shop and buy up anything I can't pronounce". She then awarded the beer with 4.5 mugs, with opportunity for advancement.

Chris, because he arrived later in the evening, did not review. His loss.

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