28 September 2007

Roundtable #29 - Full House

The Hoosier Beer Geeks (left to right): Jason, Kelly, Jim, Gina, Brent, Mike, Chris

Last night's roundtable featured a HBG rarity: a full house of all 6 knights. As an added bonus, Brent showed up, and gave us free beer (You can look forward to a mini-review in a future beer diary). We visited both Badaboomz and Deano's Vino as well, so the whole event was rolling roadshow of epic proportions.

We've written about Badaboomz and Deano's before, so onto the beer. After a warmup of Dogfish 60 Minute and dinner, I settled into our featured beer from Badaboomz: Konings Hoeven Quadrupple Trappist Ale.

When Jason and I decided on this beer, we were under the false impression that it was a Belgian - and while it certainly fits the Belgian style, the beer is actually from Holland. This beer had a grapity-grape (think grape soda) nose and a dark copper color with a quickly dissipating, bubbly head. Mouthfeel was quite odd to start - it was almost as if the beer took a journey around my mouth, starting at the roof and working it's way around my tongue - almost like it was repelled from my tongue and had to work it's way there. I suppose the sensation wasn't unlike drinking champagne. This exotic mouthfeel settled down as the beer warmed.

As far as taste goes, this beer is an enigma. I did get alcohol notes, but the overall taste was really hard to pin down. This is a very sweet, sugary beer. At 10% ABV, you might expect it to be overpowering, but the dominant characteristic of Konings Hoeven is its smoothness. This is a must have if you're visiting Badaboomz and like Belgian style ales. I called it "a nice punch in the brain" and award it 4 Mugs.

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