16 September 2007

Roundtable #28 - In heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink it here...

I remember being in a lot of bars and legion hall type places with my family a lot when I was young. Though I am a bit cloudy about the specific details, I always remember a lot of drinking and a lot of dancing. My dad played drums and sometimes accompanied my Grandpa's polka band. Of course it was all very uncool when I was younger, I now feel nostalgic and a also little bit sad that I only have a few cloudy memories of it all.

That's also kind of what the Kellerbar at the Rathskeller reminded me a little bit of. I suspect that it was mainly due to the wide open and very dimly lit room (I know it wasn't the music), but the atmosphere reminded me of those places I grew up (but with a lot less smoke and a lot better beer selection).

Onto the beers...

Weinhenstephaner Oktoberfest - As Jason mentioned, it's not a traditional Oktoberfest beer, but I think I favor it the most out of the Oktoberfest brews I have tried so far. It's cloudy, copper appearance led to a smooth citrus flavor. While Mike though it was a vanilla flavor, I thought an orange flavor was more prevalent after eating a pretzel with spicy mustard. I thought 3.5 mugs for this one.

Erdinger Hefe-Weizen Dark - I don't have too much to say about this one, it tasted like a penny. My notes say "meh". 1.5 Mugs

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