04 September 2007

A letter to Mat Gerdenich, Cavalier Distributing

Dear Mat,

Last evening, while enjoying a selection of beers from a selection of breweries, the conversation turned to Cavalier, and your selection of beers.

Unlike World Class, your company doesn't seem to have a web site. There's nothing wrong with that; it's just that we tend to do most of our "business" on the web. We'd like to know more about Cavalier - we're only about drinking and promoting beer here - and we don't know where to turn.

Can you help us out, Mat? Can you or someone else from Cavalier meet us out for a beer? Leave a comment, send an email... we'd love to hear from you.


The Hoosier Beer Geeks


  1. Thanks for reaching out to Cavalier!

    We are the little guy with all the cool stuff and Indiana’s only truly independent state wide specialty beer distributor. We currently distribute beer from over 90 different breweries.

    After a quick glance at your web site it looks like the Hoosier Beer Geeks have sampled many or the products distributed by Cavalier. Such as: Founders, Stone, Gales, Two Brothers, Warbird, Mad Anthony, Fort Collins, Breckenridge, Schneider, Left Hand and Hebrew.

    I would love to have a beer with you!

    Take care,

    Mat Gerdenich
    Cavalier Distributing

  2. i live just over the border in Illinois and i was wondering where is the closest place i can get stone beer. the nearest town in indiana is dyer.



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