04 September 2007

Hoosier Beer Geek needs your help

Be sure to vote in the Breakfast Club poll on the right side of the page - your vote will help settle an ongoing HBG argument.



  1. I take it to mean that you are tired of me calling your beloved flick a girly movie? Because there is nothing bad ass about Judd Nelson when he is talking about his emotions.

  2. I don't have feelings either way on the movie - in fact, I don't know which way to vote because I don't care all that much.

    No, I put this up for Jim, who seems to have very strong Judd Nelson-like feelings about the picture.

  3. Oh, you youngsters. What am I going to do with you. See, you didn't go to high school in the '80's. In that time frame, I went to a high school that was exactly like the one depicted in the film, with the same personalities, cliques, etc. As a consequence, the movie has a good deal of verisimilitude to it for anyone who graduated from high school between 1984 and 1987.

    You ask anyone in my age group--the learned and wise sages of Generation X--if the Breakfast Club is a chick flick and they'll answer with a resounding "No." To prove my point, you can see that the no's are winning the poll.

    Calling the Breakfast Club a chick flick is like calling Jason a Patriots fan.

  4. I hear voices in my head. One is a black lady that just told Jim:

    Oh no you didn't!!!

  5. man, I leave for a weekend and this is what happens? Sheesh.

    Not a chick flick! And I know my chick flicks. ;)

  6. Is anyone else amazed that 27 people voted? I mean, you take the 6 of us, add in spouses and family, and that means we've got at least 4 readers, right?