13 September 2007

Tonight's Roundtable Cancelled

Those of you planning to meet us for tonight's roundtable at the Rathskeller may wish to cancel those plans, as something has come up, and we may or may not actually be at the Rathskeller.

Sorry for the late notice. We didn't do it on purpose - we had a late invite that we couldn't refuse.


  1. So, who did you blow off the regular HBG groupies for??

  2. We really didn't want to blow off anyone - we had a very late (I didn't see the email until 3PM) invite from Bob at Indiana Beer to take a tour and do a little drinking at Cavalier Distributing. We're hoping to do a little work with Cavalier in the future, so we thought it was in our best interests to see what they're up to.

    Our apologies for the late cancellation - hopefully it won't happen again.