26 September 2007

Opinions are like...

Rating beer is something we try to take seriously at Hoosier Beer Geek. I know from personal experience that the beer rankings in the left column can influence purchases, which is why we debated adding the Upland Ard Ri score - only one of us rated the beer, which doesn't give it a comparatively balanced score. In the end, we decided we were comfortable with leaving it in the table where it sits until it can be reassessed.

I don't think you'll ever see us writing a column toting "the best" anything - there's just too much beer out there to make a definite decision about any of them. What you see ranked is what we liked; that's all we're really saying.

But Men's Journal magazine is in the buisiness to make money, so they don't mind making best lists; in fact, they don't mind going overboard. This month they've tackled beer with three lists: 25 Best Beers In America, The Best American Specialty Beers, and Best Beers In the World.

Do we agree with the lists? Of course not. That's the point, isn't it?

1 comment:

  1. The 25 Best Beers In America list really isn't too bad. Of course it's subjective, as beer tasting always is, but they've got a few things on there that I have either tried and enjoyed or am curious about. The other two lists are less exciting but at least they're trying.