28 July 2008

KOTBR #51: The strange sexual activities of frogs

Once upon a time, I had a beer called Frosty Frog. It was a winter warmer from Rogue's Issaquah brewery. And it was delicious. Since then, I've wanted to try other beers from Issaquah. If the winter warmer is that good, certainly the others are too, right?

Like Doc Hopper, I have chased after these delicious frog legs. And I finally caught up with them. Or I should say, a friend of mine coming back from Washington, D.C. was able to catch them for me.

I elected to not be stingy and shared them with my fellow knights. Because everybody wants frog legs, right? Everybody? Hello?

Issaquah Menage a Frog is a Belgian Style Tripel with a provacative name.

Gina: I wrote "orangy", but I don't think that fits properly, I think I may have meant fruity. Definitely a lager flavor in there. This was like a watered down Belgian, without the residual sweetness that is usually prominent. It was alright. 2.75 mugs.

Mike: Sweet weird lambic-like nose, with a hint of nail polish. Top of mouth taste, my notes say sweet Belgian party, watery and yet punchy, more drinkable than most Belgians - but I wouldn't consider that to be necessarily a good thing. 2.7 Mugs.

Jim: Lame name with a frog threesome on the label. Golden color. Heavy apple juice nose. Apple cider flavor with a lager yeast aftertaste. Like a sweet Heineken/Belgian Blonde Ale blend (in a good way). I kinda like it. 3.20 mugs.

Jason: Thankfully, it doesn't taste like three frogs. Not that I've ever had a three-some of frogs in my mouth. I have had crunchy frog once. I knew a frog named Jeremiah. Anyway...

It smells like tang, or sometimes apple. It has a dry mouthfeel. It tastes like apple cider, champagne, and wine. It is what I want from a lambic or geuze. Only better (remember, I hate sour tastes. So I dislike lambics. This however wasn't bitter. So I liked it. Get off my back!). 3.10 mugs.

Issaquah Bullfrog Ale is an American Pale Wheat Ale.

Gina: I didn't write anything for this one. So I guess I didn't really think much of it. I'll go with a neutral 2 mugs.

Mike: Lemon colored, bland and grainy. Not bad, not good. 2.0 Mugs.

Jim: My notes: "It's a beer. It's forgettable. It's bland. Meh." 1.75 mugs.

My notes on this came after a long beer drinking night. I know this: there was beer left in the bottle when the night was over. Not a good sign. I found a hint of lemon in it, but not much else. 1.5 mugs.

I should also point out that we noticed bird and campfire logos, which reminded us of scout badges. Matt said he would probably still be molested by scout troop leaders on a regular basis if they gave beer badges.

Twisted? Yes. But wouldn't you?



  1. elmo and frog sex all on one page - that's HOOSIER BEER GEEK!

  2. And don't forget circumcision.

    "Elmo like circumcision! Yaaaay!"