20 July 2008

Indiana Beer Week - Day Six - Indiana Microbrewers Festival

Can we take a break from drinking now?

If you've been reading all week, you know we spent Monday evening at Broad Ripple Brewpub and Bruuge, Tuesday at Spencer's Stadium Tavern, Wednesday at Oaken Barrel, Thursday at J. Gumbos, Rock Bottom, Alcatraz, and Ram on the downtown pub crawl, and Friday at the VIP Brewmaster's Dinner at Opti Park. So to reach Saturday with a still present desire for more beer says a lot about the quality of both the company and beer we've spent the week with.

Very shortly you'll be reading posts from our newest Knights of the Beer Roundtable - the KOTBR2 Electric Boogaloo Crew: Matt2 (previously known for his work at Matt's Beer Blog), Rodney (gold medal chili beer brewer), Jessica (frequent commenter, contributor, and blogger), and Chris2 (well known for his work at DIG-B). But in the meantime, here's some crowd photos from Saturday's big event.

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