26 June 2008

A Very Special Random Beer Roundup

Adding "A Very Special" to anything automatically increases interest 100%. Be sure to check out A Very Special Hops for Pops this weekend.

If only there were some sort of prize for something like this..

It's not drinking, it's celebrating Indiana
- The Brewers of Indiana Guild* has posted a calendar up for Indiana Beer Week (July 10-19, 2008). Of special interest might be the cross-tapping of beers throughout Indianapolis (starting Monday, July 14th):

Alcatraz Brewing will have Half Moon Honey Rye
Barley Island Brewing will have Three Floyds Gumballhead and Warbird Shanty Irish
Broad Ripple Brewpub will have Lafayette Brewing Tippecanoe Common
Brugge Brasserie will have Half Moon Honey Rye, Mad Anthony Cream Stout, New Albanian St. Radegund's English Pale Ale and Three Floyds Alpha Naught (in the upstairs addition, opening Saturday July 12 (you guys are absolutely sure, right?))
Ram Restaurant and Brewery will have Turoni's Main Street Helles Bock (anyone got any idea on this beer?)
Spencer's Stadium Tavern will have Shoreline Beltaine Scottish Ale and New Albanian Community Dark

For those of you in Columbus, Power House Brewing will have Brass Monkey Green Tea Pale Ale on tap starting Monday July 14th - this is a tasty and interesting beer, so get it while it lasts.

Also of note is a post beer week (Thursday, July 24th) Indiana Replicale Face-off at Spencer's Stadium Tavern Indy. We're going to make a concerted effort to attend.

For all the Indiana Beer Week details, click here to visit their overwhelmingly eventful calendar.

* * * * *

If somehow you missed the INBEV/Budweiser takeover news, don't worry about Budweiser.. Schlafly is attempting to buy INBEV. (Hat tip, StlHops.)

Of note is that if the INBEV thing goes through, and with MillerCoors actually owned by a South African company, Sam Adams will become the largest American brewery. So I guess that makes Boston Lager "The Great American Lager". Next time someone gives you crap about your choice of craft beer over the Big Two, ask them what they have against George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, Glenn Danzig, Hacksaw Jim Dugan, (vintage) Jenna Jameson and Big Bird (all great Americans).

* * * * *

*Not to be confused with the Brewers Guild of Indiana or the Indiana Guild of Brewers or the Guilded Brewers of Indiana


  1. Very cool. I need to make it down to Spencers and get in on some of that award winning Shoreline Scottish ale.

  2. J. Gumbo's is hilarious. They're advertising Indiana Beer Week by saying they'll have 11 Indiana beers on tap. Ummm....they have 11 Indiana beers on tap right now.

    Also, special for Matt ('cause you mentioned that you wanted to try more of this style a while back): Oaken Barrel will be tapping a Berliner Weisse on July 16th.

  3. I am excited about the Berliner Weisse. It is so very low on ABV (style 3-4%) but it is so refreshing to me. I have it for homebrew usually since I can only get some when I go to Cincinnati and get some from South Hampton makes a great BW.

    I will be there on the 16th for it. Thanks for the reminder Chirs. If you go let me know and I will buy a round.