04 June 2008

Six Pack Interview with Brugge Beer's Charlie

A little while back, the Knights sat down with Charlie at Brugge Brasserie and talked all things Brugge and threw back a few (dozen) beers. A note for you single female beer geeks out there: he's single.

And yes Charlie, it really did happen, you didn't just dream it. And here is photographic evidence...

1) Who are you, where do you work, and what is your title?

I'm Charlie Midgley and I work at Brugge Beer. I don't have a title, probably because this is a shoestring operation. I wash dishes and give tours at the Brasserie. Oh, and I am in charge of marketing and sales for Brugge Beer.

2) What is your favorite beer at Brugge?

The Brugge Black. It has a nice malty, creaminess to it. It's not abrasive or offensive. It's rich and smooth.

3) What are your favorite beers outside of Brugge?

Well, I'm not a beer guy like the rest of you. Negro Modelo is my everyday beer. When I'm at a bar alone (which is to say when I'm at a bar...I'm a single guy without a date...ever), I order New Castle. I just got a keg-o-rator and have Brugge White and Brugge Black in it. I also like Delirium Tremens, Rodenbach Grand Cru, Paulaner Salvator Doppel Bock, and Gulden Draak.

My dad would buy 6 packs of Schaffer for 99 cents when I was a kid. If he saw how much I was paying for beer, he'd kick my ass.

4) What style would you like to see at Brugge?

I don't like the hoppy, bitter stuff. If Ted [Miller, Brugge brewmaster] had said "I'm making IPA's", I wouldn't have joined Brugge. The market is saturated with IPA's and hoppy stuff right now.

You know, I like what the Broad Ripple Brew Pub is doing. The best thing about microbrewers is that they have no competition. Having your "competitor" doing well is good for everyone. Three Floyds knows that; they were one of the first to put Brugge on tap.

It's a kinda like the community that drinks together, stays together.

But I like what we have a Brugge. We are filling a void in Indiana's microbrew scene.

5) What kind of marketing stunt would you like to do? What more do you want for your marketing push?

You know, I don't want it. I don't want marketing stunts. I don't want tons of marketing dollars.

I had $30 million when I was doing marketing in Taiwan. I'm having more fun doing the marketing for Brugge Beer with no money.

The goal is to home-grow the name. Because the restaurant has done so well, the Brugge name has grown. You don't need a lot of cash to spread the name.

6) What question should I ask that I haven't asked yet?

Where are the fuckin' bottles? When can I get Brugge at my liquor store goddammit?

For the record, I asked him the question he suggested, but Charlie said that I had asked six questions, so he would not answer me. So we have no clue when you'll see Brugge Beer on your beer store shelf.


  1. HAHA great interview! I can't wait for those bottles. And there is a part of me thinking about doing a little modification to my homebrew kegerator so I can rotate one of those brugge 1/6 barrels in every so often.. mmmm

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  3. By the way...
    I looked at that picture again and I realized something.
    Chris had that exact look on his face for hours!

  4. if he means the entire nation, yes, i think we're getting a little carried away with the hoppy beers, but if he means the central indiana market, where are the hops? show me the hops!

  5. I think he meant the entire nation Holdsteady.

    My notes say "Bad Mother Fucker". I'm sticking to my journalist integrity. Until some more beer washes it away. Hint hint.

  6. Well, after 4 Tripels, an IPA, a Black, and at least one White (I think), what the Hell else would you expect my face to look like for hours?? If someone didn't make their beers some damn strong . . . nah, keep making the beers strong!

  7. Actually, I think it was 5 Tripels amigo.

  8. I am sure Charlie did not violate the rules and give you 5 Tripels! But, I know Charlie, you probably had several "halfs"....they don't count.

    How many times have I heard Charlie say, "just a half?" :)

  9. Wonder how the beer would go down at Angelo's BarBQue?
    Miss you bud!
    ~Wendy & Dave