30 June 2008

It was fun, but I'm glad that's over with

Saturday, 10:35 AM, Somewhere on Interstate 465:

A phone rings.

"Did you hear the news?"

"No, Chris... what?"

"Hot Shotz burned down last night."

"Oh come on."


"You're serious?"

"Yeah, Bob Mack called me this morning."

"Okaaaay.... see you there."

"I'm at the storage shed, we'll be there shortly."

11:40 AM, Outlots of the burned out Hot Shotz, 96th and Gray Road

A few Knights of the Beer Roundtable stand under a tent, setting up tables.

"Go figure he tells us to get here at 11 and Chris isn't here yet."

I dial Chris up on his phone.

"Hey, I've got some good news."


"I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance. Where are you?"

"I'll be there in a minute."

"I'm getting lunch."

3:00 PM

Six men are standing in a circle, holding vinyl signs, some rope, duct tape, and a knife

"I think we can just tape it to the rope."

3:30 PM

"Our power just went out."

"Maybe we shouldn't have everything plugged in right next to the water spout?"

4:00 PM

"Now what?"

"I'm drinking."

6:00 PM

"Buy a raffle ticket. That bottle of beer is like $70 on Ebay. But if you sell it there I'm going to kill you."


7:00 PM

"Chris, I'm surprised you were able to pull off this many brewers this late. Especially with Brew Ha Ha last week..."

"Well, I dropped Hoosier Beer Geek a lot. I think that helped."

"Well I hope they're happy.."

8:30 PM

"Can I have some of that beer?"

"You know what? We've been closed for a half hour, you won a trip to Great American Beer Fest... I think you did well enough today. We're done serving."

"Ok, I'll just drink the bottle in my pocket."

8:45 PM

"Chris, you need anything?"

"I think we're good."


* * * * *

I was lazy all day Sunday, so pictures we'll have pictures here tomorrow. Bob Ostrander from Indiana Beer has a few, including some of the fire damage at Hot Shotz.

For those of you that attended, thank you. We'd love to hear whatever comments or suggestions you have.


  1. I was at the bank, not getting lunch! I never even got to finish my lunch. In fact, I found a double cheeseburger from 96th St. Steakburgers in a box in my back seat yesterday.

  2. That was me and everyone else getting lunch, actually.

  3. This beer drinker had a fantastic time. As did my friends. Thanks for putting together a great event.

    My only complaint was that I didn't win the raffle. What gives!?

    There's also a good chance that I made a drunken ass out of myself while chatting up the guys from Brugge, BarleyIsland and HalfMoon. But the way I see it, it's really their fault for making the irresistible beers that turned me into the aforementioned drunken ass. seriously.

  4. I'm sure the Brugge, Barley Island, and Half Moon folks are used to drunken assery... My guess is that they've come to expect a bit. Unless you got demanding or belligerent, I wouldn't worry about it.

  5. The sign hanging will forever be etched into my memory when I think back on this event. I don't know why, but that was ludicrous and fun at the same time.

    I had a great time helping out and meeting all the brewers and distributors that were there. My back is still a bit sore from the hundreds of pounds of ice as well as kegs that were lifted and carried. But it was worth it.

    Oh, and those rib tips from Deano's Vino.. yummy!