16 June 2008

Return of Random Beer Roundup - And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Ok - I get stuff like this all the time - basically press releases for new beer and stuff that's just come available around here. Usually I don't do anything with it until we actually get a chance to review the beer - I feel a little weird emailing this stuff out to our subscriber list because it is - basically - advertising. But maybe our readers would like to see more of this kind of thing? If that's the case, let us know with the handy poll located on the right. Thanks - Mike

Firstly, and Urgently - If you like $3.25 pints of Schlafly Export IPA - and I'm guessing you've never had it before, but that shouldn't stop you - J. Gumbo's nee* Badaboomz has a special going on tonight. Free pint glass with purchase.

Inquiring West-Side Minds Want to Know - Because I know there are some of you out there on the west side of Indianapolis looking for someone to throw you a bone, I asked World Class' Bob Mack for a few suggested destinations for the beer seeker.

That’s a good question and sometimes a hard one for me to answer, simply because there are somewhere around 10,000 licensed beer retailers in the state, so I don’t always have a good handle on this.

The west side is tough (I live there!) for good drinking spots. I usually end up downtown or at a local brewery. But a thought or two –

Badaboomz at 4930 Lafayette Road has a nice selection. They are franchised by Mike DeWeese, though the selection is not nearly so good as the old Badaboomz downtown.

My Favorite Cigar at 36 East Main in Brownsburg has a small selection, but it is a very nice environment and they do have Delirium Tremens, Belhaven Scottish, Weihenstephaner and a couple other good beers. I think they might add a beer or two in the near future as well. They have a patio out back that we are going to offer them Delirium umbrellas for. The people are very cool there.

The bar at Stone Creek restaurant in the Metropolis complex (Plainfield) has a nice little selection and a comfortable environment. They have a permanent Bell’s line (Oberon at the moment, I think) and last time I was there a couple of weeks ago they had Arrogant Bastard draft plus some good bottles. The food is good and the bar is open to anyone whether you are eating dinner or not. The people are very friendly as well. At one point not so long ago, they had an Ommegang Hennepin draft line also which I would love for them to get back.

The BW3’s across from Metropolis used to have a Two Hearted draft line and I went there for that reason, but they changed it to Oberon (which I can get anywhere!). They have a few good bottles but it is the routine BW 3’s selection, for the most part.

The Union Jack in Speedway on Crawfordsville Road usually has some good beers and seems to be getting better.

Zydeco in Mooresville has all the Abita line (I rather like Jockamo IPA) and they are usually well priced. It’s a restaurant, but a cool place to stop later in the week for a snack and a beer.

Bob Mack
World Class Beverages
2007 GABF "Craft Distributor of the Year"
As for the smoking or non-smoking policies of the previously listed locations, that I can't help with. I'm guessing My Favorite Cigar is a smoking establishment.

If Jew Couldn't Get Enough of Those He'Brew Beers - Call the pun police.

This from Mat Gerdenich at Cavalier:
We just unloaded our first shipment of the two newest Coney Island Lagers. The Albino Python a White Lager brewed with spices and the Sword Swallower a Steel Hop lager. These two new brews are making their way to the shelves of establishments that sell high quality craft beer. The original Coney Island Lager is already out there.


We also got our last load of Rejewvenator. Half Dopple Bock Half Belgian Dubbel brewed with fig juice.! So you better get this while you can.


Mat Gerdenich
Cavalier Distributing
And this from Jeremy Cowan at He'Brew himself:
yoyo mike-
i'll see you guys in indy july beer fest i hope....here's some new beers in your neck of the woods...yummm!!
take it easy!

Doppelbock, Shmoppelbock...REJEWVENATOR is on the loose!
Half doppelbock, half Belgian-inspired dubbel brewed with nearly 500 gallons of the juice of the sacred Fig. Shmaltz Brewing's first ever harvest to harvest offering....a new HE'BREW Beer season to rejoice. L'Chaim!
Here's what those look like:

To Borrow a Line From Schalfly - It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore - We'll be posting our review of Mikkeller's Beer Geek Breakfast shortly, but in the meantime, if you're looking:
We got some in last week and it is making its way to the usual spots Hop Shop, Party Pack Hots Shotz etc. Nothing else new came in for Mikkeller or Struise but we did jet more Jackie Brown, Black as well as others.

Mat Gerdenich
Cavalier Distributing
I'm a Little Late to This Party - Back in late May, the New York Times - surely your #1 beer review source - did a write-up on bitters - a perfect summer beer. Be careful of people reviewing beers in newspapers. Especially if they're named Jason. Oh yeah. Here's that article.

You May Have Seen the Beer, Now See the Youtube Video: Ladies and Gentlemen, Pizza Beer. Which, by the way, isn't bad at all.

*For a good time, check out the nee entry at wikipedia.


  1. Regarding the Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast, I'm pretty sure I bought the last bottle they had at Parti Pak on Saturday (it was the last one on the shelf anyway). If anybody is going there specifically for that beer, I'd definitely call ahead to see if they had more stashed somewhere or you may be out of luck.

  2. Well as I was one of those West-Sidaz complaining about a lack of drinking establishments...I thank thee for the info. The amusing thing is I live 3 minutes from My Favorite Cigar and have wanted to go check it out for a couple years now.. but since they have a Corona neon in the window and I think a Bud Select, I just assumed this neat looking little bar would be the standard swill and never stepped in. Wow do I feel silly now ;-)

  3. I am a fan of "And you will know us by the trail of the dead" and I can't find the referance to them.

  4. There's no reference, really... I was listening to them when I posted - and there's a trail of dead blogs in our pasts...

    On occasion I don't make a whole lot of sense.

  5. The Schlafly Export IPA was pretty good. It's English style so it's more balanced than the standard American take on IPAs. Kind of a piney hop flavor as opposed to the standard citrusy hops that usually show up in IPAs. Very strong in a way that you could drink too many without realizing it.

    The first beer in their bottle conditioned series is on the shelves right now too (Biere de Garde) so I'll have to try that one out.

    One of the reps informed me that they will be at Hot Shotz the night before Microbrewer's Festival tapping a firkin of APA. You guys should put together a big list of what's going on the week before the festival.