18 January 2012

Beer Diary #23 - Mike | Three Free from Magic Hat, a Tribute to David Beckham

It's a Wednesday night. I start vacation tomorrow. I have beer in the fridge that was gifted to me by Magic Hat (I've been mailed some wacky stuff lately, but gifted beer is a rarer occurrence than you might think). Why not beer diary? Here it goes.

Howl Black Lager - Pilsner lager nose, hint of chocolate malt, dry chocolate. flavor follows through on nose, sweet pilsner elements, a tiny hint of chocolate malt, finishes chewy, tasty. This is a pretty nice Schwartzbier which I liked quite a bit, and it's well worth a purchase at the local grocery store.

Ravell (Porter brewed with Vanilla) - I can't think of a vanilla porter I like - usually the vanilla tastes off, or the beer doesn't mesh together all that well, or... I'd say that Ravell has less nose than Howl, and also less flavor. The flavors that do come through are light across the board, with a hint of cinamon or perhaps even a slight note of burnt plastic in the finish. That sounds worse than it is - basically this is a beer. And that's about all.

Encore (American Wheat IPA) - What's a wheat IPA? Maybe a Gumballhead sort of thing? I do get hops out of the nose here, and taking a drink reveals a sweet cereal-like beer (I can't put my finger on what cereal, but think of the oversweet marshmallow packed cereals made for kids), that finishes with a flourish of massive bitter hop flavor. Interesting, sure. Would I have a second bottle? Unlikely. But if unbalanced hop overload is your thing, maybe this is a beer for you.

About that Beckham thing. Seems he's sticking around MLS. Good. (He also wears number 23).

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  1. great post, as always. pumped about becks as well! should've posted this long ago, but here's a FB link to our movement to bring MLS to indy!