26 January 2012

Indianapolis Breweries by IndyGo Bus (and a Guide to Super Bowl XLVI)

So there you are, shuttled on the IndyGo Green Line from Indianapolis International Airport directly to the doorstep of your downtown hotel and from there into the warm confines of your room.  All that travel has you craving a beer.  A local beer.  But the company you work for is a bunch of cheapskates and you have NO CAR.

First things, first: you're in downtown Indianapolis and you're a hop skip and a jump away from a local beer just about anywhere!  For tips on where to go, take a look at Hoosier Beer Geek's Guide to Downtown.  Within easy walking distance of downtown hotels there are a pair of brewpubs and virtually every bar and restaurant has some craft beer to offer you.

But say you've been to Indy before or you're here for Super Bowl XLVI and have already been knocking around downtown for a few days.  You're itching for something new.....again, though, you have NO CAR.

My friend, you need to get on the bus.  For the low, low price of $4, you can buy an all-day pass of unlimited boardings on IndyGo buses to go galavant around the city.  For a trip with a plethora of interesting beer stops, we highly recommend the #17 bus.  This bus route begins downtown at Ohio St. and Meridian St. and winds along restaurant and bar hotspots such as Mass Ave., College Ave. and Broad Ripple Ave. (click the links for more detailed info about beer destinations on this route).  Take a look below for all the information you'll need on your bar-hopping bus trip plus some additional information specific to bus transportation during Super Bowl XLVI.



As a special incentive to encourage using public transportation during the Super Bowl XLVI festivities, ALL IndyGo bus boardings will be free Thursday, February 2 through Sunday, February 5th (airport Green Line excluded).  In addition, a special bus line will operate during Super Bowl XLVI that circulates between downtown, Mass Ave and Fountain Square.  Monarch Beverage and World Class Beer will sponsor the bus, with service times and stop information available below:
Mass Ave will have FREE shuttle service Feb. 2 - 4 from 11 a.m. - 1 a.m.  Shuttle stops can be found on Mass Ave: 300 block near Alabama/Vermont intersection; 600 block near Dean Johnson & 800 block near IPS bus entrance. Additional stops are Indianapolis City Market, Indiana Government Center, Fletcher Place and Fountain Square.  Shuttles will run along Mass Ave to the Indianapolis City Market, through Downtown, to Fountain square and back to Mass Ave. Shuttles can accommodate 25 passengers and will have on-board concierges at all times.
We'd love to see a bus route like this become permanent (even just Fri/Sat service would be great) but we'll certainly take advantage during the brief time that it's available.  Get on board and enjoy all the independent bars and restaurants outside the core of downtown!


For the adventurous types with some time to kill, these far-flung breweries and brewpubs can also be reached from downtown on the following bus lines:


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