13 January 2006

KOTBR Profile - Mike

Name: Mike
Hometown: Trenton, IL
Hoosier Since: 2001
Knighted: April 2007
Gateway Beer: Brugge Black
Favorite Beer Style(s): Belgian Tripel, Coffee Stout, IPA, Belgian Sour - Bigger is better.
Favorite Everyday Beer(s): Dogfish 60 Minute, Bluegrass Brewing Co. Nut Brown Ale
Favorite Special Occasion Beer: Three Floyds Alpha Kong, any Mikkeller, Bluegrass Brewing Co. Jefferson Reserve Stout
Motto: "440 pixels wide, please."


  1. I don't look like this anymore and my beer preferences have all changed.

  2. I hope your beer preferences have changed since I left BBC two months after this post ;-)