23 August 2011

3WM HBG Double Brown Tapping

Warning: don't let the poor quality of the photos deter you from trying this beer.

I'm not sure why it took so long to get a beer named in our honor. I mean, we're cool kids. Right? Well, it finally happened, though it took a bet to make it happen (for the record, I offered up Mike's virginity in the bet).

So the beer: a Double Brown. The idea was inspired by an article that Mike read in the Atlantic. I think that browns are often under appreciated. My first craft beer love was, in fact, the Brickway Brown at Rock Bottom Downtown.

So we told Omar at Thr3e Wise Men that we wanted a malty bomb without roasted, coffee flavors. Omar wanted to add in a healthy dose of Galaxy hops. We were hesitant at first. But it only took a drink to make believers out of us.

It turned out to be a beautifully crafted malty beer. Not big on mouthfeel, but not too thin. The malts are front and center, but the hops come in at the end playing the clean-up batter. It finished with 7.5% abv, but be warned: it doesn't seem boozy at all.

I want to thank Scott Wise for making the bet and Omar for making the beer. And thanks to all of our friends for coming out. If you couldn't make it tonight, make it out soon to Thr3e Wise Men to try Hoosier Beer Geek Double Brown. You'll also find it at HBG5 (have we mentioned the party recently?).

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