26 August 2011

Dig-IN - now with more HBG

Whether you are nursing your HBG5 hangover, or looking for another event to indulge in since you missed out on buying tickets for our sold out event, Dig-IN is the perfect way to spend your Sunday. Tickets are $20 online and include a variety of samples from chefs and other artisans from around the state. On top of a huge selection of food, samples from breweries and wineries will also be available. We went last year and the event is more than worth the cost of entry.

This year promises to be an even better event. How do I know this? Because I'm a featured speaker on the wonders of beer pairings! That's right, we've somehow suckered the fine folks Dig-IN into believing that I am one of our state's premier resources on pairing beer and food. Think of me as a sommelier of beer, except I didn't attend any classes and I'm not employed by a restaurant or brewery. In fact, you should probably pronounce "sommelier of beer" so that it rhymes just so people don't get it confused with an actual sommelier.

Make your way over to the Speaker Series at 2PM on Sunday to join me in sampling a few food and beer pairings. I can promise you that it will either be a really enjoyable and educational time, or a spectacular failure. Either way, you'll certainly get to sample some beer. And if you show up at 1:30, you can hear the talk on wine pairings and use that presentation to judge me.

I hope to see some of you at 2PM on Sunday. Stop by after the talk and let me know how I did!


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