15 August 2011

Hoosier Beer Geek is Five: The Friends Keep Coming

As we approached our fifth birthday, I began to wonder how we'd celebrate the occasion. Last year we wrote about what the site meant to us, how much we've enjoyed ourselves, and how lucky we feel to have the friends and audience we do. Our thanks go out to anyone who's ever gave us even a moment of their day. We would have never kept at it without your support.

On the inside looking out, we hope we've made some sort of difference here in Indiana, but instead of banging our own drum, we've asked asked our friends throughout the community to write a bit about what they think of us. We were thrilled when what came back seemed to be positive.

Though the candles are extinguished and the cake is mostly gone...I'm finally getting back to HBG about how good you all look turning five. Hopefully this doesn't come out as sappy as the cards in the "belated" section at the drugstore...

I first started reading HBG about four years ago when I was new (again) to Indy and thirsty for good beer. Quickly your site and events became a professional interest, too, and then the Goose snuggled up for collaborations like tasting events, fundraisers, and the Beer and Cheese of the Month Club.

It would take another couple of beers to get me to sing your praises only because I'm shy about singing, not about praising what y'all have put together over the last five years. Always personal but trustworthy, approachable but on point, your posts are about more than beer and that's the icing on the (birthday) cake. The technical stuff is telling (ibu's, abv, gravity, bla, bla, bla), but what puts your site and your events a-head (beer pun) is the people that are involved. Reporting the statistics isn't as useful or as interesting as getting to know the folks behind the pints.

HBG makes a beer community possible because we're getting to know about more than beer.

High five for five, Knights! From all the thirsty ones at the Goose, thank you!

Corrie Quinn
Goose the Market

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