09 August 2011

Hoosier Beer Geek is Five: More from Friends

As we approached our fifth birthday, I began to wonder how we'd celebrate the occasion. Last year we wrote about what the site meant to us, how much we've enjoyed ourselves, and how lucky we feel to have the friends and audience we do. Our thanks go out to anyone who's ever gave us even a moment of their day. We would have never kept at it without your support.

On the inside looking out, we hope we've made some sort of difference here in Indiana, but instead of banging our own drum, we've asked asked our friends throughout the community to write a bit about what they think of us. We were thrilled when what came back seemed to be positive.

Wow, 5 years already! The Beer Geeks have had a huge influence on how craft beer has grown in Indiana. The rating system truly helps people who are wanting to explore different styles yet don’t want to make a mistake in spending $12 on a bad 6 pak of beer.

Beer aside, all of the Geeks are truly cool people who are very approachable and knowledgeable.

Great job and cheers to another 5 years plus!

Skip DuVall-Fountain Square Brewing Company

ps I look forward to my first review from y’all

I've really enjoyed seeing how Hoosier Beer Geek has evolved from a group of enthusiasts that enjoy craft beer to a group of enthusiasts that help drive the growth of craft beer in Indiana. Having worked with you guys as a retailer nad a part of the Brewer's Guild has been great. Your stepping up to make the beer festivals a great success has been nothing but awesome as we grow craft beer in Indiana. Now that I am fortunate enough to become a part of the community as a producer I look forward to continuing being a part of the group. Cheers and here's to five more years!

Mike DeWeese - Triton Brewing Company

I am always impressed with your tireless effort to promote craft brewing. The amount of your free time that you use for the craft-brewing cause is staggering. If anyone doubts that, I would like you all to total up your hours of labor spent on the 2011 Microbrewer’s Fest alone. Then, show them that number as a slice of the total time devoted annually.

In addition to all of the great events that you plan and host, my humble opinion is that your impact on the local craft brewing scene is only going continue to rise.

Andrew Castner | Brewer
RAM Restaurant & Brewery - Indy

All I can say is "You folks have more time and energy to spend on this hobby than even I do. Good grief. Annually, 2 beer festivals, a breakfast, tailgate parties, more graphics than the google home page, Good thing you have roundtables to fill in the extra drinking time." And "What happened to Chris?"

Keep up the good work,
Bob Ostrander - IndianaBeer.com

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  1. I'm still here, Bob. I'll be at the Anniversary Party, too. Hope to see you there.