26 August 2011

So you're attending HBG5: What to know

This is a cloud in a circle in a box with some rays or something.

Hello HBG5 attendee.

Congratulations on being a fantastic person.

HBG5 is a pretty low-key event, apart from the excellent beer and food. There are a few things we'd like you to know ahead of time in order to maximize your experience.

1) We sold 4 Designated Driver tickets. Out of 150 tickets. We also have a very large quantity of beer. While this isn't an unusual ration for a beer event, we do want to make sure everyone plays it safe. Please plan ahead for post-party transportation. If you're going to use a cab, pre-load that number into your phone. If you're having someone pick you up, make sure plans are in place. If you're planning on driving home, please drink at a rate that will make that legally viable. We want you to have a good, worry-free time. Please do your part to make that happen.

2) We're probably going to be short on seating. You've probably been to Sun King - there aren't many (or any) chairs. If you're planning on spending 5 hours with us, you'll probably want to sit at some point. Please feel free to bring a folding chair with you.

3) Tickets are sold out. That means no tickets at the door.

That's pretty much it. See you tomorrow evening.

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