10 August 2011

Hoosier Beer Geek is Five: Even More from Friends

As we approached our fifth birthday, I began to wonder how we'd celebrate the occasion. Last year we wrote about what the site meant to us, how much we've enjoyed ourselves, and how lucky we feel to have the friends and audience we do. Our thanks go out to anyone who's ever gave us even a moment of their day. We would have never kept at it without your support.

On the inside looking out, we hope we've made some sort of difference here in Indiana, but instead of banging our own drum, we've asked asked our friends throughout the community to write a bit about what they think of us. We were thrilled when what came back seemed to be positive.

Being relatively new into the Indiana craft beer scene, Hoosier Beer Geek has welcomed us with open arms. Showing us the ropes, introducing us to everyone involved, and helping us on our own journey in the community. We’re incredibly grateful for the efforts they bring to strengthening the entire craft beer community as a whole. To show our gratitude, we scratched out a quick haiku.

Hoosier Beer Geek Haiku:
Guides to local suds
Geeks taste, rate, discover, share
Paid only in beer

Keep up the great work guys!
Mike + Ryan
Beer Bracket

Hoosier Beer Geeks at five reflects the changing face of Indiana craft beer over that handful of years. The span from their first modest birthday at the now gone Deano's in Fountain Square to this year's huge event at Sun King says it all. Bravo to the hearty RoundTablers for the positive impact to help educate a new generation about responsible, selective enjoyment of good beer.

Rita Kohn. True Brew: A Guide to Craft Beer in Indiana

Three years ago I was an unkempt, unemployed sycophant who had a penchant for beer. (Much hasn’t changed besides having a job to justify my beer drinking.) Three years ago I was really proud to know about a Bamberg smoke beer at Shallo’s. And, three years ago I was really proud (and I still am) to be a HBG reader, so I sent them a note about the smoke beer. Then, “They replied, Ma! They really replied!"
Jon: “Hey Mike, Just let me know if you round up some folks, I may be able to make it over there.”

Mike: “Jon, The HBG Knights of the Beer Roundtable will be meeting at Shallo’s tomorrow (3/27) at 8 PM... I think there's gonna be like 7 of us.... if you'd like to join us... “
Did you know they show up in steel mesh with swords? Knights wearing helmets with harlots on their side? Yeah, I was intimidated, too. And I didn’t show. However much I’m still intimidated, I show up now -- I mean, it allows me to get my Medieval Times Fix. And however much shining armor they’re in, they’re real people. And that’s where the Hoosier Beer Geeks being a tremendous inspiration comes in. As the unemployed Jon they inspired me to overspend and wallow well. As the employed Jon, (employed as Yelp’s Community Manager where my job is to get folks off their computers -- for just a moment -- and be together at local businesses), they inspire me in that they’ve proved that this community thing can happen, and it sticks. Whether they want to picture themselves in powder and white wigs, they’re forefathers (and mothers) of community in Indy. I don’t know if I’ve ever told them this but, “what I do wouldn’t happen without you.” There they were five years ago writing about beer, gathering around beer, and now hosting events. Once a precursor to what I do every day, they are now a partner in rhyming local beer with salivating locals. For good reason this is year five, and when year ten comes around I entirely expect the myth (wait, I mean truth!) to live on of them showing up to bars with their own family-crested shield and steel mesh, albeit a bit rusty -- unlike their charm, humor, wit and whip smart ways on beer.

Jon Akerman
Yelp Indy, Community Manager

I met my first Knight of the Beer Roundtable right at 5 years ago, Mr. Maples himself, hanging at good ol Deano's having a brew. He laid out a bit what he was up to with the site, and what they were attempting to do. I really dug the idea and the concept of a group of regular joes (boy was I wrong) sitting, drinking, chatting, and posting honest, non-pretentious reviews of craft beer. I was totally in and ready to support all the endeavors (oops, forgive me, I hadn't met Mike yet).

I helped make sure Deano had great brew for that New Year's Eve, which they destroyed and Bob Mack ended up finding a way to get them more. Who knew that they'd smoke that much 90 Minute (I miss DFH too) and Tremens?! The next few years proved not only the knowledge and passion for craft brew, but the power consumption we all aspire too.

Not that it was all flowers and candy. There have been times I wanted to find a KOBTR and drag 'em out back (3 Floyds dinner at R Bistro, anyone??), but more often than not, by a landslide, Hoosier Beer Geeks do nothing more than tell more and more people about why they should drink craft beer. Always tongue in cheek. Always fun. Always really just about the beer, and not taking it all so seriously. You've all helped me remember more than once to relax, it's just beer. It's about sharing the enjoyment and passion for this stuff that threw us all together anyway, that getting mad, upset, or irritated just takes away from the beer.

Here's to 5 more years (and more past that) of what you've been doing. The recognition receIved for social media, event coordination, etc is well earned. Who knew Mike would be so good at twitter?? Who knew someone would invent a medium a smart ass could thrive so well in? Who knew a bunch of drinkers would be so amazing at getting, organizing, running, and controlling that many volunteers for so many events?? It all boggles my mind, but I'm glad, at the end of the day, to call all of you friends, tweeps, or whatever is current. My hats off to you all, and my glass is raised. No, it's not frosted. EVER.

Cheers to the Knights of the Beer Roundtable!

Matt Clapesattle
Sales Representative Indianapolis
World Class Beverages

What can I say about Hoosier Beer Geek that hasn't already been said? How about, they're a bunch of thieving bastards that haven't had an original idea in 5 years. And what's with that fucking Twitter feed? It looks like it was run by a chimpanzee with ADD.

I hope for 5 more years of you stealing my ideas. LOVE YOU!

Mike Sweeney - Owner/Creator/Loudmouth

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