18 August 2011

HBG5 featuring Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company

The lineup for our fifth anniversary is a closely guarded secret. Why? Because we're bad salespeople. NO! Because we like to build anticipation. It's fun watching people freak out. And we think we've got a freak-out worthy lineup coming together.

Next up:

Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company

Hoosier Beer Geek Double Brown
Jason explains:
Not many people know that Scott Wise and I have been each other's gambling nemesis for a number of years. It started when we were a part of the same fantasy football league. He selected Ryan Leaf as his quarterback in his rookie year. Went down in flames. A couple of years later, our horses were racing against each other in the Kentucky Derby. My horse, "Beer for My Horses," beat out his horse, "Frat Boy Fury", by three lengths. And just a few years ago, we ran into each other in the back room of a seedy Yorktown bar where an illegal game of Xíng Háishì Bùxíng was being played. I yet again came away victorious.

Furious and desperate for a win, he offered a bet in the Miami Heat/Dallas Mavericks NBA Championship. He selected the Heat to win. I knew that "King James" was cursed so I took him up on it. If he won, he received Mike (known in the Twittersphere as @hoosierbeergeek) for his own "personal" biddings. If I won, he had to brew a beer of my choosing at Thr3e Wise Men. He said "Challenge Accepted!"

It should come as a surprise to no one that I won. Yet again. What do I plan to do with the Hoosier Beer Geek Double Brown? Drink it. And after every sip, I will yell, "Hey Scotty, victory tastes so sweet!" I'll probably tweet it too. Or buy a billboard. I'm not sure yet. But I'll be enjoying it at the tapping party at 3WM as well as at the HBG5 Anniversary Party on Saturday, August 27th.

All I know is that the next time he bet's against me, it will be a big time bet.
The true story is that Scotty and Jason made a bet, but the beer story goes a little deeper. Shortly before the bet took place, I had read this piece from The Atlantic, and it got me to thinking about how it had been a while since I had a really nice brown.

After winning, we sat down with Omar and Scotty and described what we wanted - big chocolate character, big maltiness, and toffee - but not any roasty or coffee character, nothing that would push the beer into porter territory. Omar had already started a recipe, but tweaked it to our specifications, and let us know that a healthy dose of hops would be added to bring the beer into double or imperial brown territory.

We haven't had it yet - hopefully we'll be trying it along with you at both the tapping party and at HBG5.

Please remember that this list is tentative and subject to change based on availability. We will keep you updated if anything changes.

About HBG5:
It will be held Saturday, August 27th, starting at 6pm. Sun King Brewing will again be hosting us at their brewery at 135 N. College Avenue, Indianapolis. Tickets are $30 (plus $1.99 for online fees) for regular tickets and $15 (plus $1.99 for online fees) for designated drivers. Tickets are available online only and limited to just 150 paying customers. Like beer festivals? Don't like crowds? This is your event. And yes, the tickets are on sale now.

If you didn't attend last year, you can see what you missed here. But if you did attend last year, you'll find it to be similar. We can't promise that Jason will be performing from Cats (or will have a mustache). But here is what we have so far (please note that all of this is subject to change).

Regular attendees will receive a commemorative tasting glass that can be used to sample various quality beers from our favorite Indiana breweries as well as a few other breweries. Additionally, you'll be able to select a few larger pours of your favorite beers. Designated drivers will have a selection of non-alcoholic beverages such as soda, pop, cola... whatever regional term you like. And bottled water, of course.

All attendees will get to enjoy food from Papa Roux. Menu coming shortly. There will be vegetarian options.

And what's a party without gifts? And by gifts, I mean us giving stuff to you! That's right, prizes and giveaways and all sorts of stuff.

We're still filling in all the details, but if you've been to our events, you know it is a good time. And all tickets will be sold online. Tickets are not available at Sun King nor will they be available at the door. So don't miss out.

There are more details coming soon, but here's a reminder of the participating breweries/distributors to wet your whistle -

Barley Island Brewing Company - Barrel-Fermented Rust Belt Porter
Bee Creek Brewing Company - Alien Abduction Wheat
Bier Brewery
Broad Ripple Brewpub
Brugge Brasserie - Superkitty Fantastico!
Cavalier Distributing
Crown Brewing Company
Flat12 Bierwerks
Lafayette Brewing Company
New Albanian Brewing Company - Naughty Girl (Struise Colab)
People's Brewing Company
RAM Brewery - Bjava Disorder Porter
The St. Louis Brewing Company aka Schlafly - Raspberry Coffee Stout
Sun King - House Lineup (Osiris, Bitter Druid, Cream, Wee Mac)
Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company - Hoosier Beer Geek Double Brown
Upland Brewing Company - Rad Red and Mother's Milk

We appreciate that you follow us for the latest and craziest in the Indiana craft beer world. And we hope you'll come out and celebrate with us our fifth and perhaps best year of better beer buffoonery.


  1. The lack of hoppy beers is a little disappointing. Hopefully a few more will be added.

  2. Patience, Grasshopper.