29 August 2010

HBG4: Thank You.

Saturday's Hoosier Beer Geek Fourth Anniversary Party went off like gangbusters, and we've got a lot of people to thank.

First off, thanks to you, our readers and party attendees - without you there'd be no reason or excuse to put together such a fun event. Thanks to our hosts at Sun King - you folks treat us better than we'll ever deserve. Thanks to the folks whose wonderful beer we drank: Sun King, Lafayette, Upland, Ram, Rock Bottom Downtown and College Park, Brugge, Schlafly, Broad Ripple Brewpub, New Albanian, Barley Island, People's, Bell's, Dark Horse, Great Divide, Stone/Brewdog, Heavy Seas, Tyranena, Anchor, Lindemans, Avery, Dogfish Head, Harpoon and Thomas Hardy's - regardless of if you had a role in your beer appearing at our party or not, it was enjoyed by an enthusiastic and beer appreciative crowd. Thanks to Cavalier Distributing for a putting together a stellar lineup for us, and for that special Thomas Hardy's toast. Thanks to our friends at World Class Beverages, who helped not only with a selection of great craft beer, but also with the glassware. Thanks to The Tamale Place for proving that tamales were the right choice. A special thanks to the officers on staff for their professionalism and patience.

All of you make what we do worth doing and there's no way we could do this without you.

So - if you were at the party, we'd love to hear about what you thought - your favorite beer(s), your thoughts on the food, if you were happy about the diet soda options... (sorry, inside joke). Leave us a comment, and we hope to see you at a Hoosier Beer Geek event again soon. Very soon.


  1. Has Jason shaved the 70s porn stache yet?

    Great party, great food, great beer, great crowd.

    Thanks for making Dads Inc. the recipient of your proceeds! It goes a long way towards erasing what memories remain of Hops for Pops :)

  2. Just wanted to let you guys know that you threw an awesome party. Met a lot of great people, tried a lot of great beers, and didn’t get arrested or die-The night was a success! I’m now also officially obsessed with The Tamale Place. One of my favorite beers of the evening was the Schlafly Pumpkin Ale, never had it before and it really put me in the mood for Fall. I was also really excited bout the Heavy Seas Smoke on the Water-Aargh! If only I could go to their Bacon & Beer Fest in Sept! Also nobody told me that Magnum, P.I. would make an appearance.

  3. Great party! I'm already looking forward to HBG5!

  4. Nice weeds...um, lawn, J.

    Are you guys gonna get a cease and desist from Andrew Lloyd Webber's attorneys for your CATS rip-off? That would be even better than the Heiney one.

    As for the event, it was 'aight :)

  5. Stephanie, I'm so glad that you liked the Pumpkin Ale. I was excited that it was available in time for HBG4! It should be hitting Indiana in the next week or so, so keep an eye out for it.

    Happy Anniversary, again, to the HBGs! Wish I could have been there. Looks like I missed one hell of a party! Cheers.

    Scott Shreffler
    Schlafly Beer